Sericulture Sentence Examples | Use Sericulture in a sentence makes research systematically on Sericulture development in shaanxi province.

2.with more number of farmers choosing cocoon production, it has resulted in educating farmers about Sericulture output.

3.approach and research on Sericulture in shaanxi province during industry transfer stratagem of "Sericulture moving from east to west"

4.survey and analysis of basic status of Sericulture and epidemic situation of silkworm diseases in jiangsu province

5.cocoon is a part of Sericulture process or silk production and its output is silk fabric when processed.

6.finally, the paper describes the features of Sericulture and mulberry books and shows some new ones of those books during that period.

7.jiangsu suzhou embroidery origin fertile land, mild climate, Sericulture development, rich silk, ancient town of fairview.

8.the arabs, with their widening conquests, spread Sericulture across the shores of the mediterranean.

9.this article provided a possibility project to control the deviation number of good eggs for the Sericulture produce.

10.jili's changing environment, with factories' dirtying the pure water so crucial to Sericulture, also contributed to the industry's decline.

11.the work survey of the guangdong province Sericulture society in2006.

12.lei zu married since the yellow emperor, the people delegated lei zu Sericulture, silk reeling, spinning, tapestry.

13.this enterprise has even gained the government's permission for Sericulture in forbidden parts of the forest.

14.the shang dynasty saw the discovery of bronze and the practice of Sericulture.

15.analysis of Sericulture industry transfer effect on industrial agglomeration and total factor productivity.

16.the effect and implementing the project of transferring Sericulture of mulberry cultivation from eastern to western in china on Sericulture development and its countermeasures in guizhou

17.research on the present distribution and development of Sericulture production in zhejiang province

18.Sericulture has played an important role in national economic development of shaanxi province.

19.Sericulture and filature are two great ancient inventions of our country.

20.Sericulture industry has a long history, has become the pillar industry of hanbin district agricultural.

21.current situation of Sericulture development in chifeng city of inner-mongolia was reviewed, and the problems were analyzed.

22.strengthen the industry base construction to lead the development of modern Sericulture

23.our Sericulture is in advance of that of other countries.

24.department of Sericulture, zhejiang agricultural university;

25.Sericulture is one of the supporting industries for local agriculture products with special characteristics, and possesses very broad development prospect.

26.china was the first country in the world to cultivate silkworms and develop silk weaving. more than 3,000 years ago, Sericulture and silk weaving were already significantly developed. dynasty was a much more flourishing period for Sericulture in history.

28.the promotion of Sericulture and industry by the research of silkworm genomics

29.the government from the policy and financial aspects to be better guide and promote the transfer of Sericulture industry.

30.weaver also cecropin minutes from the sky to bring you and teach you, Sericulture, silking, also produced by the silk-bright.

31.silkworm germplasm resources are the bases to develop Sericulture.

32.even in modern times, Sericulture also had a major impact on the economy of the taihu area.

33.analysis of Sericulture industry transfer effect on cocoon production and circulation.

34.the outcome of the Sericulture is also the important expression about the relation which between the insects and the agricultural life.

35.analysis on optimize factors of the Sericulture layout and their impact on the industrial development

36."he's a student just back from france, doctor of god-know-what, versed in Sericulture and apiculture, artist, bakuninist, and-" fan po-wen had intervened to enumerate tu hsin-to's titles, but broke off in the middle and burst out laughing.