Sericite Sentence Examples | Use Sericite in a sentence

1.impurity minerals are diaspore, alunite, feldspar, kaolinite, Sericite, chlorite, quartz, hematite, ilmenite, limonite and rutile in pyrophyllite ore.

2.preparation and characterization of acid treated and na-modified Sericite is easy segregativing of quartz and Sericite that it is approved by ore dressing.

4.Sericite is an important layered silicate mineral, its excellent nano-layered unit have the potential of making nano-modifying agent.

5.the gangue minerals include feldspar, albite, quartz, feldspar, in dolomite, calcite, Sericite, chlorite, epidote and apatite amount.

6.modification of Sericite and its influence on the property of epoxy coatings on comprehensive recovery of Sericite from a tailings

8.this paper also made surface pretreatment on Sericite by dry surface modification with stearic acid and wet surface modification with silane, and studied action mechanism between Sericite and modification agents by tests of agent adsorption strength and infrared absorption spectroscopy.

9.main mineral composition is quartz(70%~75%) and Sericite (20%~25%) in ore of Sericite -quartzschist in gongdanshan.

10.the gangue minerals include quartz, calcite, Sericite and chlorite.

11.Sericite (a mica mineral) was found to facilitate heat transfer and enable good conversion efficiencies.

12.valueof Sericite ore is high by mineral seperation.

13.the geological characteristics of Sericite deposits in xiling, song county have been introduced in this paper, and its mineral features have been first studied. on recovery of Sericite from tailings and modification

15.finished pvc-u products with the addition of wet ground Sericite entirely conform to the relevant quality standards. of processing and surface modification of Sericite chuzhou, anhui, there is a large quality Sericite deposit. strategies of Sericite in yinshan lead& zinc mine

19.and the main orebody spatial most closely related to the alteration mineral is the black mica; Sericite chlorite, kaolin, has certain instruction significance on the burieddepth; potassium feldspar, gypsum indicate the ore body boundary.

20.copper ore mineral assemblage is: quartz+ carbonate+ Sericite, thereinto, carbonate formed slightly later.

21.the formula and technological parameters for application of wet ground Sericite used in polyvinyl chloride are described.

22.the effect of the grinding aid agent ( sodium silicate, sodium citrate, sodium triphosphate) on the superfine-grinding process of Sericite were studied in this paper.

23.the study based on the craft mineral in tailings, introduced the recovery process of Sericite from tailings and explored the characterization of Sericite and utilization in rubber.

24.application research status of Sericite in china and its development problem

25.drying is one of the key process for producing Sericite.

26.experimental results show that na-ha has significant effect on some plastic clays, such as kaolinite and Sericite.

27.research on graft copolymerization mechanism of Sericite with silane coupling agent and pmma mylonitization and hydrothermal alteration impacts on u-pb system of zircons: a case study of fangcheng syenites in eastern qinling orogen

28.the characteristics of china stone and kaolin and their important role in the development of southern porcelains are discussed, as porcelain stone widely occurred in south china, which mainly consist of quartz and Sericite, the ancient southern porcelains possessed high siliceous characteristics.

29.this paper studied systemically Sericite processing and surface modification, achieved good concentrate index, recommended reasonable process flowsheet, which will pay part in developing Sericite and economic development in anhui lujiang county.

30.its ore types include altered spilite and pyrite quartz-Sericite altered and quartz vein. on ultra-fine grinding and surface modification of Sericite and its application

32.the leigongshan early paleozoic deformation zone was developed in a low-grade Sericite slate, where a lot of pyrite strain shadows has been identified.

33.main factors affecting rubbers mechanical indexes are Sericite size, fill propertion and modifiers types.

34.a new type of shielding pearlescent pigment having good optical properties was prepared by Sericite , it has broad market prospects. on the technical factors of preparing Sericite/ tio_2 composite particle and its pigment property on ultrafine grinding of Sericite and it's application