Serially Sentence Examples | Use Serially in a sentence rows are put on the page Serially, starting immediately after the header. a few cases, however, the processor cannot handle them Serially, so it raises this exception.

3.alternatively, he could model the unknown number of branches using a loop activity, but the loop body is executed Serially.

4.iterative receiving based on sova algorithm for Serially concatenated cpm

5.the synthesizer can be either Serially loaded through the rs-232c control port or set up to power on at a pre-determined frequency. i/ o port through which data is transmitted and received Serially, used for communicating with terminals.

7.this would provide only two units of work, and a distributor thread would process all notifications within each work item Serially.

8.all package equipment which are provided with their own control panels shall be Serially linked to the dcs. Serially invokes the underlying compiler to compile c/ c++ sources.

10.even though this lifecycle diagram renders process disciplines such as analyze, architect, and assemble Serially, soa implementation can have plenty of parallelism. can be used as an inner code combined with other codes in the Serially concatenated coded-modulation system with interleaving and iterative decoding.

12.this feature is used by most interrupt handlers, because it allows them to process irqs of the same type Serially.

13.the pulse generator Serially outputs pulses representing digits of a digital word least significant digit first. default , the backing - store field for an event declaration is a multicast delegate that Serially combines all the event handlers.

15.a plurality of light emitting diodes are arranged on the glove body, Serially connected, and connected with a battery by a toggle switch.

16.a bus grant line runs Serially through all theprocessors.

17.because only one thread is available for jetty to execute the servlet's service() method, jetty queues each request and services it Serially.

18.apparatus of the invention can mix fluids flowing Serially, or two or more fluids entering the device from different feed channels.

19.with the advent of Serially attached ( sata) ide drives, a mixed pata/ sata system would sometimes use/ dev/ hda for the first pata drive and/ devsda for the first sata drive.

20.without event sequencing, the records are processed Serially to keep their order. can now validate the syntax in scripts with multiple database parsers, and run scripts Serially against multiple database connections.

22.kcot epithelial cells could be Serially cultured in vitro in k-sfm by techniques suggested in this study.

23.surplus countries win by Serially bankrupting the private and then public sectors of trading partners. will cause inconvenience to users while multiple protection locks are connected Serially. realization of data transmission based on parallel port connecting Serially display drivers

26.ksse works well if there are Serially connected multiple processes passing handoffs in queues between the processes.

27.assad's survival, is not powerful in global terms, having been Serially swatted over the years by its israeli neighbour.

28.multi-task coalition formation Serially based on adaptive pso and category division is a file-based command that essentially Serially stacks the files end to end. the next example, you will first create a program that will Serially, or one after the other, grab a url of a website, and print out the first 1024 bytes of the page.

31.this machine is mostly used for the machine Serially foaming unlimited long slicing of foam rubber .

32.batch processing: execution of programs Serially with no interactive processing.

33.penguins are mostly monogamous, but there are some species such as the emperor penguin which are Serially monogamous. the end, many scripts are executed Serially to start the various services that are required ( which you can typically see as part of the boot screen with linux).

35.array statement operating Serially in parallel programming language

36.those responsible for specific aspects of a specification that are included in a common document do their work Serially.

37.a mode to Serially process single image is proposed for the application of image processing.