Sequin Sentence Examples | Use Sequin in a sentence

1.we want to buy Sequin garments, ceremonial dress, packaging materials, speciality, fashion and garment accessories.

2.they do not match the ivy Sequin strips on top of dress.

3.if Sequin bursts at less than 12 lb. tension: fail.

4.Sequin tape is used and Sequins are cut as they are set on with an embroidery machine. carpet chameleon lea michele joins the navy, synching up her midnight Sequin gown with inky lacquered nails.

6.the black rectangular jagged Sequin bandeau maxi dress epitomises festive party-wear mixed with kate's signature rock-n-roll style.

7.and to think, every single Sequin on carlene's dress was sewn on by hand by her mother, doreen!

8.the dress was described by its designer naeem khan as a "sterling-silver Sequin, abstract floral, nude strapless gown" .

9.the supermodel, 37, had started her evening in a chic black Sequin shift dress, before changing into a shiny sheer evening gown.

10.the frocks were covered in Sequins, thousands of them.

11.the dorl é ac ( 490 euros) is named for the actress fran&# 231; oise dorl é ac ( sister of catherine deneuve) and sports a red Sequin web under its black silk canopy.

12.where's the Sequin you found in paul's bed?

13.the crystal, beadings and Sequin some are imported from top suppliers in austria (swarovski), czech, japan (mgb), taiwan.

14.the word Sequin has its origin in arabic sikkah, meaning a minting die for striking coins.

15.this was the only Sequin we found on the bed, right?

16.with beautiful appearance, this machine is the most advanced Sequin punch in domestic.

17.mother's eyes were glued to the massive flare of red shimmering satin, dotted with twinkling Sequin-centered black velvet stars.

18.we have found that the more layers, the less Sequin bursting.

19.snapped a few photos the other day. love this silk shirt so much, especially the Sequin cuff, there's Sequins all over the cuff, so elegant.

20.combine with yarn and Sequin, beautiful shinning in light, good appearance at soft and fortitude style.