Sensual Sentence Examples | Use Sensual in a sentence

1.he was a very Sensual person

2.but no such man would ever repent of having refused any Sensual pleasure.

3.give yourself permission to let go of any guilt and simply indulge in something that reawakens your Sensual energy.

4.for to thy Sensual fault i bring in sense.'s round and Sensual and i can't stop grabbing it.

6.the little man beside him was bald and rosy-cheeked, with small black eyes and a Sensual mouth. in the physical is a Sensual experience.

8.'opium' is a provocative, Sensual, and voluptuous fragrance which makes all your senses vibrate.

9.i greatly enjoy entire days spent tasting wine when judging wine competitions for their Sensual challenges and rewards.

10.i know him to be nothing but a man of pleasure, a dandy who has given himself up to the relentless pursuit of Sensual pleasure.

11.i'll teach them things like initiating touch and Sensual skills first, and then "how do you know when a woman wants to be kissed? "

12.this wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, Sensual, devilish.

13.anton the chef concocts a Sensual coupling of lobster and asparagus're too beautiful and too Sensual, for a guy like me.

15.ghosts and unhappy spirits wander hopelessly about this realm, searching in vain for Sensual fulfillment.

16.italy boasts of Sensual beauty.

17.more people are Sensual than not Sensual, and this greatly affects their buying habits. was an opera, very glamorous and very Sensual.

19.but when he turns up one night asking her to help him find his missing cousin, she's ready to surrender to sweet Sensual satisfaction. . .

20.more are killed by gluttony than by the sword. a glutton derives Sensual pleasures from eating.

21.he was a Sensual man.

22.bowling exercise illustrates the concept of a modern leisure change: shift from Sensual entertainment sports culture body and mind exercise.

23.the new plan is to make her a little roll-around robot in addition to her Sensual body so she can roll around the house .

24.but it is still a land of easy virtue, so why not lend ourselves for a time to its Sensual grace? any Sensual feast with thee alone.

26.she is amazingly flirty and Sensual other Sensual pleasure can compare with the happiness of the mind.

28.passion and the desire for Sensual pleasures have been flaws in my personality since a very early age.

29.he led a wickedly Sensual life.

30.someone motivated by desires for Sensual pleasures.

31.warmer and more Sensual than silver or platinum, gold flatters most skin tones.

32.i'm afraid of his Sensual powers. is not surprising that the Sensual riches granted to a sensitive man of these regions should coincide with the most extreme destitution. a feeling scorpio, you won't be content with that, of course - you'll want something more Sensual.

35.the multi-platinum debut enigma 1 took its form from gregorian chants, flutes, and deeply Sensual grooves.

36.they are Sensual with an unashamed violence that leaves you breathless. doesn't need to be overt to be Sensual. insolent and Sensual dress, shocking pink, for a crazy night at the opera.