Securities Sentence Examples | Use Securities in a sentence

1.these concerns have prompted china's central bank and its top Securities regulator to step up credit-risk monitoring. loans and Securities usually have level payments of principal and interest.

3.regulators said deutsche bank's local Securities unit would not be able to trade shares and derivatives on its own account from april.

4.short-term Securities can also be held as part of an investment portfolio.

5.on monday the european central bank began buying debt Securities from spain and italy.

6.the body of laws governing the issuance and selling of Securities.

7.and what of the market for mortgage-backed Securities?

8.these risks and uncertainties are presented in detail in our filings with the Securities and exchange commission.

9.its shares are traded on the unlisted Securities market.

10.then huge open market purchases of treasury and mortgage-backed Securities provided the financial system with much-needed liquidity. he is buying Securities in the open market.

12.private fund companies, banks and Securities firms are all developing their own segregated accounts.

13.national banks can package their own mortgages and underwrite them as Securities. a hedge, gaines recently added treasury inflation-protected Securities, or tips, to his and his wife's retirement accounts.

15.but it would apply to all subordinated Securities and would be at least equivalent in value to the common equity.

16.moreover, most banks have not actually sold their troubled Securities yet in an open market.

17.Securities for which isins are issued include bonds, commercial paper, equities and warrants.

18.Securities companies shall use their own funds or funds raised in accordance with the law when operating proprietary business.

19.if commercial banks were to be protected, they should not be allowed to gamble in the Securities markets.

20.during Securities trading, corporate entities are now allowed to open accounts in the name of individuals for conducting Securities trading.

21.supervise and administer according to law the issuance, transactions, registration, trusteeship, and settlement of Securities;

22.their finance ministry is still trying to put a lid on the long-simmering Securities scandal.

23.banks and Securities firms used this highly liquid world economy to deepen and diversify their operations. the stock is a kind of negotiable Securities only.

25.the Securities commission chastised the firm but imposed no fine

26.speculation mounted that it would soon offload nikko cordial Securities, its japanese broking unit, which it bought only a year ago.

27.burned by risky lending in past crises, the banks had shunned toxic subprime-mortgage Securities.

28.Securities and listed companies will be further regularized to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors effectively.

29.the Securities market should be further standardized and developed.

30.safekeeping cash on hand, Securities, bank cheque and notes, responsible for their safety and integrity.

31.sound legal rules in company laws and Securities regulations are a first step towards effective corporate governance.

32.before joining the bank, wang was a chairman of the china Securities regulatory commission in charge of stocks and investment funds. advice and recommendation of the Securities company; the meantime, the bank has segregated troubled Securities tied to u. s. real estate into a separate workout portfolio.

35.he gave warning that lehman, with its trillions of dollars of debt and high exposure to mortgage-backed Securities, was at risk.

36.publicity, fairness and equality are the footstone of the Securities market.

37.the hkmc debt Securities were well received by financial institutions, institutional investors and retail investors. investment Securities daily needs, but canteens , soy oil or how much investment value?

39.we can calculate our measures of variability equally well for individual Securities and portfolios of Securities.

40.these positions can be in listed real estate Securities and closed-end funds.