Secure Sentence Examples | Use Secure in a sentence

1.there was not sufficient evidence to Secure a conviction.

2.the system is highly Secure database backup program, easy to use.

3.senior citizens long for a more predictable and Secure future.

4.he was indefatigable in his efforts to Secure funding for new projects.

5.she felt Secure and protected when she was with him

6.they want Secure, waged employment.

7.others say the rights of those waiting in line to immigrate legally should also be respected, and that the border needs to be Secure.

8.we shall make sure our home is as Secure as possible from now on.

9.his main task is to raise enough finance to repay Secured loans.

10.i shall use my best endeavours to Secure you the position.

11.rugged takes it a step further. the idea is that before the code can be made Secure, the developers themselves must be toughened up.

12.he helped her close the cases up, and then he Secured the canvas straps as tight as they would go

13.the chinese foreign minister was making every effort to Secure a peaceful settlement

14.i'd hate to think my job would not be Secure if i left it temporarily.

15.federal leaders continued their efforts to Secure a ceasefire

16.he will sign a personal guarantee to additionally Secure the loan.

17.she arrived early to Secure a place at the front

18.our objective must be to Secure a peace settlement

19.your job will be to make this php example an easy-to-use product that integrates into a Secure mysql server hosted by amazon webservices.

20.i knew, therefore, that there was no reason to panic, as my future was Secure even if inflation increased or a recession occurred.

21.the shed was Secured by a hasp and staple fastener.

22.the government must feel Secure before it will be willing to make the concessions needed for peace.

23.this is the only effectual way to Secure our present and future happiness.

24.staff withdrew from the main part of the prison but Secured the perimeter technology should provide a Secure firewall against hackers. of the sec's commissioners said the plan should only be waved through once it is clear that Secure, independent funding is in place.

27.he was determined to give his family a Secure and solid base.

28.supporters say open source software is more Secure.

29.i feel more independent, more Secure being able to take my children to the necessary appointments or to go to a meeting at their school.

30.pupils in our schools are taught in a safe, Secure environment

31.the frames are Secured by horizontal rails to the back wall. could look for a career abroad where environmental jobs are better paid and more Secure

33.the beauty of it is that you do not have to understand the complexities of Secure aa access to a telecom hss server.

34.the loan is Secured against your home discounts may be used as a competitive stratagem to Secure customer loyalty. strong political opposition . if chesapeake were to Secure chinese investment for a substantial stake in an onshore u.

37.graham's achievements helped Secure him the job.

38.britain is intensifying its efforts to Secure the release of the hostages

39.they Secure their degrees by slogging through an intensive 11-month course

40.ultimately, china seems to want to stop the american fleet from being able to Secure its interests in the western pacific.