Seagoing Sentence Examples | Use Seagoing in a sentence

1.for the purpose of this convention the term "seafarer" means any person who is employed in any capacity on board a Seagoing ship to which this convention applies.

2.he will provide artillery support with awesome magical weaponry that will deal huge radius damage at distance. a Seagoing canoe ( as in south pacific) with an outrigger to prevent it from upsetting.

3.stcw sets certification standards for masters, officers and watch personnel on Seagoing merchant ships.

4.deep submergence rescue vehicle mainstream vessel type of Seagoing rescue ship in china& 8000 kw rescue ship

5.mainstream vessel type of Seagoing rescue ship in china& 8000 kw rescue ship design of the water interconnection technics about the main hull of large converted ship

6.john lennon, born there in 1940, never knew the Seagoing father who had deserted his mother: mainly an aunt raised the boy. ancient mediterranean Seagoing vessel propelled by oars.

8.the legal questions of the arrest of Seagoing ships research

9.measurement of sound pressure level for sound signal appliances by Seagoing vessel

10.the vessel is designed in accordance with technical regulation for statutory survey of Seagoing ships statutory ( ccs, 1999), and the hull is strengthened according to ice b requirement.

11.after study the feasibility of the method named "fuzzy comprehensive evaluation based on ahp", the thesis applies it to evaluating Seagoing ships.

12.he was no longer shore bound. it was a Seagoing vessel, and you could go far enough out where you would lose sight of land.

13.based on the design study and model experiments, this paper makes and improvement on Seagoing performance for a high speed boat and gives some effective measures for decreasing hull resistance, improving seakeeping and reducing hull vibration.

14.the principal Seagoing ship used throughout the middle ages was the galley, a long, low ship fitted with sails but driven primarily by oars.

15.national laws or regulations shall determine when vessels are to be regarded as Seagoing . improvement on Seagoing performance for high speed boat the mouth of loch aline we found a great Seagoing ship at anchor.

18.the cover shall be limited to sixty days upon discharge of the insured goods from the Seagoing vessel at the final port of discharge.

19.application of the maritime digital transportation in the Seagoing ships

20.brief introduction of navigation standard of bridge for passing Seagoing ship

21.tougher safety regulations need to be introduced for Seagoing vessels.

22.the analysis of wave bending moments of russian strength standard for Seagoing vessel

23.imo has set down the 《 international regulations for preventing collisions at sea, 1972,》 especially to apply to "all vessels upon the high seas and in all waters connected therewith navigable by Seagoing vessels".

24.endowing Seagoing vessels with characteristics of the spirits, the ancient people tried to create a small world to contend with the external genie world.

25.the design of the horn whistle driven by hand for Seagoing boats

26.what begins like a narrow mountain stream gradually opens up into a wide Seagoing estuary, criss-crossed by multiple tributaries, and then bursts into an out-of-control, surging flood tide.

27.more and more foreign well known pump are entering. jiangsu zhenhua pump industry corporate is a middle scaled enterprise which produces pumps mainly for naval vessels, amphibious cars and Seagoing ships. is the only Seagoing minesweeper operated by the pla navy.

29.they took to the new business with all the zeal and fearlessness of their Seagoing past, lending abroad with speculative fervor.

30.the master of a Seagoing vessel making an international voyage, before arrival at its first port of call in a territory, shall ascertain the state of health on board

31.a Seagoing canoe ( as in south pacific) with an outrigger to prevent it from upsetting. the ship is not in a condition/ is in no condition ( ie is unfit) to make a long voyage.

32.application of lateral thruster for multipurpose Seagoing tugboat

33.( classical antiquity) a crescent-shaped Seagoing vessel propelled by oars.

34.the wave bending moments of three vessels defined in two editions of russian strength standard for Seagoing vessels are calculated and contrasted.

35.Seagoing junks ordered destroyed in an attempt to isolate china from foreign influences.

36.landing craft are boats and Seagoing vessels used to convey a landing force ( infantry and vehicles) from the sea to the shore during an amphibious assault.

37.the paper introduces the main performance and optimization integration in design of 8 000 kw Seagoing salvage vessel, which is one of the mainstream vessel types of the ministry of communications in china.