Sea mud Sentence Examples | Use Sea mud in a sentence

1.compound-specific carbon isotope compositions of individual n-alkanes in the east china Sea mud areas

2.boundary element method for the cathodic protection in Sea mud

3.l left with dead Sea mud under my fingernails, which l washed away that night, and with dead sea memories that still remain.

4.corrosion and protection of pipeline steels buried in Sea mud takes more and more attention in marine corrosion science with the exploitation and pipe transportation of ocean petroleum.

5.the boundary element method is used to calculate the cathodic protection system in the Sea mud media, and the potential distributions of the pipeline surface and in the Sea mud are obtained.

6.because of the particularity of the medium and material, our knowledge of corrosivity of Sea mud and behavior of pipeline steel exposed in it is not enough.

7.development for test and control system of an experimental facility of reciprocity between track and Sea mud

8.determination of fe and mn in Sea mud by icp-aes

9.objective to isolate and identify the new bdellovibrio strains from the Sea mud of shenzhen bay and to preliminarily study their biological characteristics.

10.the composite electrochemistry performance of the anode is excellent and has good adaptability in sea water and Sea mud mediums, work potential is minus and stable, the electric current efficiency less than 70%. it may use as an excellent anodic material.

11.and 13 active strains were collected from Sea mud, sea sand and other abiotic organisms, 3 active strains were collected from algae, sponges, moss and other live organisms.

12.the specific property of a-h in organic compound compound-specific carbon isotope compositions of individual n-alkanes in the east china Sea mud areas

13.a method for the determination of pb, sn, zn and cd in Sea mud sample by icp-aes was developed.

14.since there was no high-quality clay in island, Sea mud was adopted as grouting material.

15.both Sea mud and nutritive soil can be used for sowing bed, but the latter seedling height was 26.8% higher than that of the former before transplanting.

16.firstly marine psb is separated and purified from Sea mud around qingdao pier by specifically culture medium and means of agar dilution.

17.research on sacrificial positive pole in Sea mud medium on offshore beach

18.production and application of mud medium suitable for environmental protection boundary element method for the cathodic protection in Sea mud

19.the production of Sea mud, quality control and bored zhuanghe bridge of practical application were introduced.