Scripture Sentence Examples | Use Scripture in a sentence our Scripture for today paul also gives us some very healthy encouragement, however.'s certainly not sufficient when it comes to the importance of Scripture in the bible for western civilization and culture.

3.this is how christians themselves interpreted their Scripture in the ancient world. satan dared to use Scripture for the temptation of our lord he will not scruple to use it for the delusion of men.

5.all i know is the Scripture and the words of lord buddha.

6.five times in Scripture, jesus commands us not to store up wealth on earth, but to store it up in heaven.

7.the devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.

8.the n.t.hermeneutic and interpretation of the o.t.norms our hermeneutic and use of Scripture.

9.we're going to talk about, is that the only way for christians to interpret Scripture?

10.and he began to say to them, today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.

11.many passages in Scripture allude to this concept.

12.what's interesting from our point of view is that he actually uses jewish Scripture to teach this.

13.your responsibility is to find the will of god through Scripture, though the revelation of Scripture.

14.the main way he proves this point is proofs from Scripture, and so we're going to look at a few more of that.

15.the holy spirit, Scripture's divine author, both authenticates it to us by his inward witness and opens our minds to understand its meaning.

16.we also have seen part of the beginning of the rise of christian Scripture. the Scripture the name of god stands for all that god is - his character, his power, his faithfulness and much more.

18.christ becomes this lens that all of ancient Scripture then can be read through.

19.yes, this theory is found in a recorded Scripture. plucked that Scripture out of my head.

21.of course then they start realizing that different people can interpret Scripture differently.

22.god wants me to understand his thoughts, so he speaks through Scripture, using figures of speech and ordinary words that make sense to me. this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.

24."christ did not indulge his own feelings . . . as Scripture says: the insults of those who insult you fall on me" (rom. 15: 3 njb).

25.and his word, Scripture, is relevant to all meaning in the universe.

26.both the foregoing rules concern the form of Scripture; the next four have to do with its matter and content.

27.i want to tell you that there are three types of mourning in the Scripture.

28.jewish interpretation of Scripture is just as creative as christian interpretation of Scripture before the modern period.

29.mary had her magnificat, which sounds like Scripture.

30.the part of the explanatory notes takes each Scripture as unit, to analysis the creed and tenet.

31.and if what i say differs from sacred Scripture, then what i say is the truth!

32.choose some Scripture readings and a sermon text, develop a sermon theme and outline for a wedding.

33.for these things came to pass, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, a bone of him shall not be broken.

34.what did i say? bishops, creeds, liturgy, and Scripture.

35.the making of the firmament in genesis refers to god's giving us Scripture.

36.i'll also talk next time a little about what is post-modern interpretation of Scripture.'ve read about them in Scripture.

38.but jews used it also in reading Scripture.

39.knowing this first, that no prophecy of the Scripture is of any private interpretation.