Satisfied Sentence Examples | Use Satisfied in a sentence

1.but i would be just as Satisfied if zeke wanted to be a concert pianist or doctor or artist.

2.young man: say with you not, not, i felt fully Satisfied to my everything of now, other have no beg.

3."the powers that be seem to be Satisfied, " he said.

4.he says she is Satisfied, but i believe the converse to be true: she is very disSatisfied.

5.he was underemployed and not Satisfied with his work.

6.the more they receive, the more they want. they will never be Satisfied.; hanker for more; having got gansu, he aspires after sichuan.; much will have more.

7.many people were not Satisfied with the pace of change.

8.looking at it in another light, does contentment mean being Satisfied with less than our best efforts at something?

9.he's thoroughly Satisfied with your work.

10.his ambition was not Satisfied.

11.are you Satisfied with the performance of your new car?

12.we are not Satisfied with these results.

13.he was Satisfied with his earnings as an accountant.

14.i am glad that the comments we received during and since the visit suggest that our legislative council members are Satisfied on this point. is an axiom in the business world that a Satisfied customer is the best advertisement.

16.the government was Satisfied with the results of the negotiations.

17.he walked around the garden and pronounced himself Satisfied

18.people must be Satisfied that the treatment is safe.

19.but actually the operating result of the strategic alliance is not so Satisfied. the dissolution rate is always higher.

20.they will only be Satisfied if they regain control — by fair means or foul.

21.if i am Satisfied with you, and you are Satisfied with me, i have numerous additional books that i need illustrated.

22.xiaoming always asks why and he'll never be Satisfied until he knows everything.

23.he Satisfied his hunger with a sandwich and milk.

24.he is rarely Satisfied with anything less than perfection itself.

25.millson's face wore a Satisfied expression. on the qualities you are Satisfied with and work to change those you are unhappy with

27.qi's wife added that she was very Satisfied with all that had been done for them.

28.not Satisfied with the verdict, they decided to make an appeal.

29.are you quite Satisfied with your new house?

30.a perusal of the letters which we have published has Satisfied him of the reality of our claim.

31.he was far from being Satisfied with the way the things were done.

32.i have built up a loyal Satisfied clientele for both african and european clothes.

33.he was Satisfied there was no legal impediment to the marriage.

34.she's never Satisfied until she gets to the bottom of things.

35.mahinda rajapakse, sri lanka's president, shakes out his white outfit and spreads his bare toes with a Satisfied air.

36.v. to feel pleased and Satisfied i was very gratified to hear how much they liked my work.

37.i am fairly Satisfied with his work.

38.i told myself i would be Satisfied with whatever i could get.

39.but if you are not Satisfied then go elsewhere in detroit no longer Satisfied him; he wanted the fast life of california.