Salver Sentence Examples | Use Salver in a sentence

1.the hypsography of jinan is southern high and northern low-lying, like a Salver, which is not conducive to diffuse the air pollutants.

2.suggestions on the standardization of Salver transportation are made from the reality of its practice in the commodity interflow in our country. on Salver backout technology in roof bolt supporting of entry

4.a copper Salver, plated with silver. a Salver steelyard, stand of fair, notarization and bright.

6.the machining Salver groupware has safe interlock framework to remove the groupware out of the base seat safely and easily to clean.

7.then, research on the encoded method of grating code Salver and classify the grating code Salver, ensure the shape, dimension and precision of code Salver used in electric wheel system.

8.analyzing the relevant factors, the algorithm of auto& even ex-warehouse is presented which includes the algorithms of client pri, Salver serial number, balanced lane distance first and ex-warehouse pri.

9.take a Salver of electric apparatus as an example; the original process was modified to improve the gas penetration.

10.the x-rayed chant preyed a gray Salver.

11.the design for the code Salver of the encoder uses new encoding technology, which makes it easy to produce and figure simpler.

12.i had opened my mouth to reply to this tirade, when with a crisp knock our landlady entered, bearing a card upon the brass Salver.

13.the machining Salver groupware holds and heats grains of corn and cracks them.

14.distribution status of soil microbes and enzyme activity in bio-Salver

15.plastic circling box, plastic Salver, small trolley etc.

16.we are a privately owned company specializing in producing blister packaging, folding box, cylinder and parts Salver.

17.the guest took beat of one side odd skin to become, spread advocate cry out path: "leather Salver, when silver 5 minutes! "