Saliency Sentence Examples | Use Saliency in a sentence

1.according to Saliency map, an image can be divided into salient part and background part roughly.

2.we propose a simple and effective model to compute the Saliency for pixels in image.

3.we focus on the possible explanation of visual Saliency and the relation between redundancy and Saliency.

4.for the low resolution original image, each bias function was used to generate a vision Saliency image corresponding to a certain feature.

5.although Saliency information is used to try solving some problems, it cannot obtain satisfactory results in many applications.

6.attention Saliency information is applied to image segmentation and achieves automatic segmentation of color images.

7.then synthesized vision Saliency image was computed using the compound bias function from these vision Saliency images.

8.image structure representation based on graph-cut and Saliency

9.experimental results show that the proposed model can analyze the Saliency of various regions in the scene effectively.

10.a new method was proposed to identify rotor position based on motor Saliency effect.

11.research on video enhancement and Saliency detection technology.

12.and the result shows that the local Saliency of image is related to the visual perception. far, for the static image, there have been many mature methods for Saliency regional extraction.

14.the cognitive essence of metaphor: the transfer of semantic feature between different categories; Saliency and accessibility: a critical analysis of accessibility theory

15.Saliency detection has become a valuable tool in computer vision processing.

16.this method uses the generator model of constant transient voltage and the Saliency of generator is included.

17.the results of layers were added and the dynamic threshold was used to reach the final Saliency regions.

18.this paper proposes a gray distribution histogram method to analyze Saliency of the image.

19.firstly, a feedback Saliency detection model (fsdm) is presented to carry out bottom up scene image analysis.

20.second, we analyze the characteristics according to the Saliency due to the duct structures in which the pm is inserted. bottom-up attention selection models, the results are displayed in Saliency maps.

22.a hierarchical search strategy driven by Saliency measurement is adopted in both linking processes.

23.this algorithm based on the principle of discriminant Saliency, could extract the user regions of interest effectively without segmentation.

24.does the dispute highlight the Saliency of nationalism and ethnic conflict?

25.we introduce a new evaluation criterion for Saliency map.

26.the concrete research contents are as follows. 1. color image segmentation based on rgb comprehensive information Saliency.

27.image Saliency detection is a very challenging and important research area in computer vision.

28.the method improves the reconstructed image quality considerably compared to the case when Saliency information is not used.

29.contour perception of Saliency object based on visual attention mechanism

30.Saliency detection is then carried out in a two-stage scheme to extract background regions and foreground salient objects efficiently.

31.viewpoint quality computing method based on mesh Saliency

32.we conclude that both Saliency of a target stimulus and its context play a role in early texture segmentation.

33.experiments show that Saliency generated from our method can uniformly highlight the whole salient region. 2.

34.the paper deals with the computational models of bottom-up visual Saliency.

35.our model can reflect attention Saliency information distribution effectively. 2.

36.the contrast prior and the proposed center prior are combined to compute an initial Saliency map. is always an important issue in this area that how to evaluate the quality of Saliency maps effectively.

38.the Saliency measure is based on natural image statistics, rather than based on a single test image.

39.using arc dynamic as a measurement of contours Saliency, one hierarchical contours detection method of high efficiency was proposed.

40.on this basis, dynamic Saliency characteristics are extracted from motion amplitude and motion consistency these two aspects.