Salesmen Sentence Examples | Use Salesmen in a sentence

1.doctors are complaining about being barraged by drug-company Salesmen

2.some of my Salesmen formerly worked for this rival concern.

3.that's because a Salesmen could be closer to hitting a particular sales threshold and might be more motivated to work for your deal.

4.i walked over and found two Salesmen in the showroom.

5.he outsells all other Salesmen for the company.

6.all the office employees secretaries, cashiers, Salesmen were invited.

7.i received a letter back from one of the Salesmen.

8.i outsell all other Salesmen for the factory.

9.Salesmen often use fast talk to manipulate the buyer. attend Salesmen training can ensure him to find a job to do after graduating.

11.junk dealers and used-car Salesmen profiteered on them.

12.they're Salesmen on salary.

13.provide necessary cooperation and assistance to Salesmen and other departments for business purpose. can see that administrative office, Salesmen, breeding families and forage shops are laughing at the hanging of a poisonous duck.

15.for the function of my department , and of most other departments , is to help the Salesmen sell .

16.bonuses make selling cars more fun for the Salesmen and most importantly, it supplements their income.

17.the Salesmen are proud of their position and of the status and importance they enjoy within the company.

18.astute Salesmen know how to invest emotionally.

19.are our Salesmen specially trained?

20.we have enough Salesmen to cover the area.

21.the Salesmen work on commission only shuling intruded into the consulate with her two Salesmen to ask for business datas, how could they succeed?

23.great Salesmen are born knowing this.

24.venture capitalists came to compete against copier Salesmen. their rush, with tickets and briefcases, one of these Salesmen inadvertently kicked over a table which held a display of apples.

26.his wife points to a small sticker above the doorbell that reads: Salesmen and miscellaneous freeloaders will be summarily executed.

27.a: it seems to me that the Salesmen receive some special training.

28.he was one of those plausible Salesmen.

29.Salesmen of unofficial souvenirs have also been doing a roaring trade.

30.that means that the car Salesmen are earning less, because they work on commission. seems to me that the Salesmen receive some special training.

32.i don't trust car Salesmen as they're often con artists. i gave a con artists my credit card number because i thought he woked for my bank.

33.Salesmen in hardware shops assembled sewing machines in two and a half minutes. advises Salesmen to talk round reluctant customers over a cup of tea.

35.they are naturally good Salesmen with the gift of the gab.

36.door-to-door Salesmen usually have a low basic wage and earn most of their money on commission. we not employ our own Salesmen, we no longer have need of a representative.

38.four Salesmen were showing people suits and sweaters.

39.those buying house are Salesmen. fixed income of staffs in the office is only adequate to support family and can be rich.