Sailing Sentence Examples | Use Sailing in a sentence

1.max warned her she was Sailing dangerously close to the wind and risked prosecution.

2.a ship waters before Sailing.

3.they are Sailing tomorrow.

4.he found Sailing more pleasurable than skiing.

5.we were Sailing on starboard tack.

6.the crews of the card and its consorts had eaten christmas dinner in casablanca before Sailing.

7.his Sailing instructor fell overboard and drowned during a lesson

8.when she was lost to his view, he pursued his homeward way, glancing up sometimes at the sky, where the clouds were Sailing fast and wildly.

9.the company advertised the Sailing day. the size and shape of Sailing stones, its component also varies all over the racetrack playa.

11.the vessel is Sailing from hongkong to shanghai.

12.if she had had to give up riding she might have taken up Sailing competitively

13.Sailing boats lay at anchor in the narrow waterway.

14.a boat Sailing against the current must forge ahead or it will be driven back. is like Sailing against the current; either you keep forging ahead or you keep falling behind.

16.ferry companies are providing extra Sailings from calais

17.we struck up a conversation, in the course of which it emerged that he was a Sailing man.

18.the operation was plain Sailing.

19.however, the crew arrogantly trying to break the transatlantic Sailing speed records, the titanic hit an iceberg.

20.his favourite childhood pursuits were Sailing, swimming and cycling.

21.Sailing is not exactly cheap.

22.we'll get the next Sailing.

23.pregnancy wasn't all plain Sailing and once again there were problems

24.they warned him of the dangers of Sailing alone

25.we know it won't be plain Sailing at wembley because there are no easy games at this level.

26.the mombasa-based east african seafarers' assistance program said the ukrainian ship, Sailing under a belize flag, was seized on thursday.

27.its other overseas acquisitions haven't been smooth Sailing, and this looks just as tough--despite the company's name-brand pitchman.

28.there was swimming and Sailing down on the lake.

29.the ship was Sailing before the wind, ten knots an hour. 1838 the first iron Sailing vessel crossed the atlantic

31.american clippers were the ultimate Sailing ships. what could be considered a rude awaking , they sat up to see an american destroyer Sailing along side.

33.i must renew my membership of the Sailing club.

34.they entered the harbor by Sailing under false colours.

35.Sailing the greats seas there is always an urge to step on land, at least for a bit. thankfully the urge always passes quickly. enduring image in my head is that of a few native americans looking out from trees at a european Sailing ship offshore.

37.he finds the comparison of insect wings with a Sailing boat useful up to a point

38.over a hundred years ago people in london were surprised to see a very unusual boat come Sailing up the thames river .

39.a is for alignment. "there has never been a more important time to have all your ships Sailing in the same direction, " said benioff.