Sailboat Sentence Examples | Use Sailboat in a sentence

1.recline in a deck-chair, a punt, a hammock spar under the bowsprit of a Sailboat.

2.and the beyond river and Sailboat are bathing in the golden sea. in other decisions when shopping for a Sailboat, the best type of motor depends mostly on your preferred uses of the boat. much do we need to enjoy Sailboat? shows three boys and a man in a small Sailboat.

6.the Sailboat swayed on the stormy sea.

7.we took a nearly three-year "honeymoon" on our26-foot Sailboat in mexico ( sort of a working vacation, as i was writing and he was painting), and fell more in love with every mile& and every year.

8.a fast Sailboat with 3 parallel hulls.

9.yet he charmed lovers and admirers with poetry and Sailboat outings.

10.our ye's woke up this morning, bright and early in their new surroundings of the pangaea Sailboat. the leader in a Sailboat race, one must not let the second boat split tacks but cover it to protect one's lead.

12.i invited her to the christening of my new Sailboat.

13.yesterday, i chartered a Sailboat so my family and i could spend a couple of hours out on the waters off nantucket.

14.why do we have to go on this Sailboat if there are speedboats available? such a strong wind the Sailboat kept heeling to the left.

16.the Sailboat keeled over in the storm.

17.if you become a Sailboat, 'said his mother'i will become the wind and blow you where i want you to go.

18.the Sailboat ride was a bit of a bust, by the way.

19.a big wave turned the boat over. a flurry of wind upset the small Sailboat.

20.a flurry of wind upset the small Sailboat. the same time, the visitors could also experience the dynamic and romantic simulated Sailboat driving.

22.a 'felucca' is the traditional nile Sailboat, unchanged since the time of the pharaohs.

23.they remembered the little Sailboat logo.

24.a Sailboat with two parallel hulls held together by single deck.

25.among the items on display are a pair of hot-pink furry handcuffs, a toy Sailboat and a prosthetic leg.

26.the motorboat's wake capsized the canoe. a flurry of wind upset the small Sailboat.

27.he tilted the car ( up) to empty it. the gale careened the Sailboat.

28.a long handle, usually made of wood, that attaches to the top of Sailboat's rudder or rudder post to turn the rudder for steering.

29.a removable board on a small Sailboat that can be lowered into the water to serve as a keel.

30.if you're looking at a Sailboat converted from an inboard engine to an outboard, be observant when you take the boat for its sea trials.

31.other years she made an old-time train engine and a Sailboat for us to push or pull with us.

32.the gale careened the Sailboat.

33."if you become a tree, " said the little bunny, "i will become a little Sailboat, and i will sail away from you, "

34.shortly after we married, jim bought me what he thought was the perfect christmas present: an outboard motor for our Sailboat.

35.they righted the Sailboat that had capsized.

36.our Sailboat was delayed by contrary wind.

37.he and his wife live on their Sailboat, the blue goose.

38.the strong wind made the Sailboat keel over and the passengers fell into the water.

39.the aviator now holds three record-breaking circumnavigations of the globe, the two others by balloon and Sailboat.