Said Sentence Examples | Use Said in a sentence

1.under these laws, he Said, mr. rice's assets could have been frozen. seems to me that this has something to do with what you Said before.

3.his sister Said he had deliberately given the hospital a false name and address.

4.he asked if i had left with you, and i Said no

5.she Said the nato marines boarded the freed ship and found the 10 member crew in good health.

6.he Said his ethnicity had not been important to him.

7.he Said the government is concerned, is still not say, but "an objective look at the current situation, it is clear the pendulum thing. " bail out some troubled bank, it's not clear that will have the multiplier effect that you want, ' he Said.

9.i was all for it, but wolfe Said no.

10.she is Said to be stepping out with actor matt dillon.

11.'you must be freezing,' she Said.

12.dupin took the pipe out of his mouth. "perhaps the mystery is too simple, " he Said.

13.'i will play in this world cup as if it is the last chance for me, ' mr. park Said in a sports blog.

14.i think i have Said enough

15.'i've already got a job,' i Said quickly, and retreated from the room

16.'i was once as bewildered as you are,' she Said meaningfully.

17.i shouldn't have Said what i did.

18.i Said yes. i can't very well say no.

19.i can't tell you what he Said

20.she must have had an uncomfortable time in our town, because naturally the women despised her and Said unkind things about her.

21.'now i feel i can do it,' he Said in faltering english

22.'that's crazy,' i Said. 'isn't it just?' he Said

23.the minister has Said his remarks at the weekend have been distorted.

24.'i trust you completely,' he Said

25.'thank you for the wonderful dinner.' — 'it's nothing,' sarah Said

26.'here's the taxi,' she Said politely

27.our mother Said not to be crazy. "it must be twenty feet deep, " she Said.

28.'they could paint this place,' she Said. 'what?' he asked.

29.'i am a sinful man,' he Said. pearson Said he knew nothing of his wife's daytime habits

31.he Said the bank faces a "long-term transformation. " blair Said he had been encouraged by recent irish statements about the issue.

33.blair, 79, Said the 'extraordinary' experience gave him the mind of a 40-year-old and the body of a man 20 years his junior.

34.they Said you particularly wanted to talk to me. why was that?

35.i can't remember what i Said

36.'i have read about you in the newspapers of course,' charlie Said

37.alice corroborated what blair had Said.

38.'i'm sorry,' she Said. 'i have plans for tonight.'

39.she Said goodbye to hilda with a convincing show of affection

40.'no sugar,' i Said, and jim asked for two lumps.