Sai Sentence Examples | Use Sai in a sentence

1."perhaps this may turn out to be a cause of misfortune , " Said Sai weng. of the hurt Said the corrosive liquid rained down at around 7: 50 pm at the junction of nelson and Sai yeung choi streets. 1998, it completed three public piers in the Sai kung area, one light beacon at sha lo wan and two dolphins at shau kei wan. day he took the mongolian horse out for a ride. but that horse wasn't very obedient and he broke Sai wong's son's leg.

5.Sai kung is the centre of the surrounding villages, and hence the name may refer to the areas in its immediate surroundings.

6.notice the Sai generally remains high.

7.Sai di medium recently share price transaction, numerous investor calls what the company asks a company to achieve send notional case.

8.may i present our prime minister, his excellency kwen Sai.

9.and let you know i'm here? how do i Sai i love you? how do i tell you i care? how do i tell you i'v miss you.

10.Sai yuen wearing the mainstream west river, originating from the north depot funing county;, we'll visit Sai kung district in hong kong.

12.the Sai drama is a strange ancient opera which was popular in the northern part of shanxi province. the western lake, a Sai tai, the team has six standing beautiful bridge repair.

14.Sai finished his high school in1993 with distinction in all subjects. of my interesting jobs recently is to design a series of furniture for a british lady's new house at pak sha wan, Sai kung.

16.the project site is located on the western shore of pak sha wan, Sai kung.

17.conformation, but the sa8000 standard ais only makers -- Sai. Sai does not directly to the company certification audit, evaluation and only.

18.see cheung st in Sai kung has only restaurants and shops which sell daily consumables.

19.reconstruction of the existing wong shek public pier, which is partly within Sai kung east country park. helped batista, just as you help kwen Sai against the people.

21.this is the sine wave mentioned in the Sai principle above.

22.distribution: Sai kung, sha tau kok. guangxi ( pingnan), very rare.

23.wil-west island line, an island line extension from sheung wan via Sai ying pun, university to kennedy town;

24.the news of Sai thein win and the nuclear weapons were so popular among the public now.

25.please. please. i Said i was sorry. i Sai.

26.the section of Sai yeung choi street south between soy street and dundas street.

27.when fei Sai got off the car, she had to be helped by jacky cheung, she looked very weak.

28.'if we have to shut down the whole town they we have to, ' nattawut Sai-kua, one of the protest leaders, told reporters.

29.first, we make him give back Sai wan.

30.this was the evening of Sai shen ( 22) in wei zhuang. of a single slip road from Sai wan ho slip road to the island eastern corridor westbound;

32.Sai yuen tributary of the named yu river, originating from the north funing county nie mouth. continued with the construction of the hei ling chautyphoon shelter and three public piers in the Sai kung area, all of which are due to be completed in1998.

34.but before you, i am just a fakir, you Sai baba.

35.the area covered includes sheung wan, Sai ying pun, kennedy town and a proposed reclamation off kennedy town. tell kwen Sai i don't believe these lies.

37.realignment of the Sai wan ho slip road;

38.i really enjoyed the fun of learning under the guide of Sai international education mode.

39.these three mosques built by Sai hazhi served as spiritual support for the muslim soldiers in zheng's fleet.

40.kwen Sai wants to talk to you about a coalition, deong.