Russian Sentence Examples | Use Russian in a sentence import from russia, a ukrainian firm needs Russian roubles.

2.his stumbling attempts at colloquial Russian amused her.

3.he has a good command of english, german, french, Russian, arabic and even esperanto.

4.the president proposed that Russian diplomats could be accredited to nato headquarters

5.the Russian government had called a halt to the construction of a new project in the rostov region.

6.a military band played Russian marches and folk tunes.

7.the Russian federation declared itself to be a sovereign republic.

8.the Russian parliament will hold a special session later this month to decide his fate

9.Russian workers have staged a number of strikes in protest at the republic's declaration of independence

10.Russian is the one compulsory foreign language on the school curriculum.

11.unless you spend winter in a remote Russian village where 'pechka' is the only warm place in the whole house.

12.on his wanderings he's picked up spanish, italian, french and a smattering of Russian.

13.german armoured divisions pierced the Russian lines.

14.when the Russian parliament overturned his decision, he backed down

15.a. again, like the story in the rpc (Russian primary chronicle), the ground for such a step must have been carefully prepared.'s an ominous development that may bode ill for the Russian parliament.

17.the ukrainians speak a slavonic language similar to Russian.

18.the Russian government said the violence was an internal affairs for kyrgyzstan and agreed to send only humanitarian aid.

19.the Russian girl had dropped in after we toddled off to bed and yvette had insulted her promptly, without even waiting for an excuse.

20.he speaks fluent Russian.

21.crime is an increasingly serious problem in Russian society each man stepped into the gloomy light of the Russian forest, he would have had no doubt as to his fate.

23.napoleon's army was sacrificed on the altar of folly in the disastrous Russian campaign.

24.the Russian news agency reported the incident yesterday and said the coast guard just found an empty boat in a three-day search.

25.the modern Russian alphabet has 31 letters

26.students will be able to choose between english, french and Russian as their first foreign language.

27.stalin's methods had industrialized the Russian economy

28.ukraine is handicapped by its near-total dependency on Russian oil.

29.lenin was the great orator of the Russian revolution.

30.let me first express sincere thanks to president medvedev and the Russian government for the kind invitation and thoughtful arrangements. the same time, the press bubbles with stories of the sale of Russian arms to serbia's still not clear how far the Russian parliament will go to implement its own plans

33.he had partnered the famous Russian ballerina

34.the Russian foreign minister yesterday cancelled his visit to washington

35.three-quarters of Russians live in cities. is often said that speaking Russian or polish in western ukraine arouses the wrath of local "nationalists" . koizumi, after his meeting with the Russian leader, told reporters a wide gap remains between the two countries on the matter. enterprise, he argued, was compatible with Russian values and traditions

39.initial reports said the buyer was Russian. other reports said it was a british hedge funder.

40.the Russian health service has stimulated public interest in home cures.