Rupee Sentence Examples | Use Rupee in a sentence

1.the jump in the Rupee reflects an abrupt change in policy by the rbi.

2.because it is a big importer of oil and coal, a falling Rupee will add to energy costs.

3.traders reported dollar buying by hedge funds taking short positions against emerging market currencies yesterday morning, including the rand, the Rupee and the lira. january, money flowed into india again, pushing up both the Rupee and equities.

5.but in the meantime, foreign investors have pulled money out of india's stock markets, exacerbating the Rupee's downfall.

6.i wash the clothes for you, charge 50 paisa, one Rupee for you per lot. and a new business model can emerge. have rewarded them with surging stock prices and a rebound in the value of the Rupee.

8.however, mr karnik admitted that appreciation of the Rupee against the us dollar has hurt indian outsourcing companies.

9.verbal intervention on the dollar and euro is welcome but it is time for verbal intervention on the Rupee and renminbi as well.

10.the reserve bank of india acted the part of the anti-currency warrior recently, raising interest rates even at the risk of a stronger Rupee.

11.he earns 20 Rupees a day.

12.then a minibus driver held a note from a window. another truck driver tossed a 10 pakistani Rupee note into the air with a wave.

13.the Rupee is also accepted as legal tender in the country.

14.the fall in the indian Rupee has meant indian gold prices have reached record levels.

15.india has devalued the Rupee by about eleven per cent

16.that really impacts the Rupee, and gold looks horribly expensive to local consumers.

17.when the ngultrum was introduced in1974, the bhutanese pegged it with the indian Rupee. does not exchange independently with other nations, but is exchanged interchangeably with the indian Rupee.

19.sadly, the Rupee is not the only drama queen around.

20.there was offshore trading of the Rupee, which was sharply lower.

21.for almost a year, india's central bank has spent billions of dollars to support the beleaguered Rupee.

22.analysts said other currencies were likely to face upward pressure, including the taiwan dollar and the indian Rupee. neighboring india, speakers of bengali and assamese use the term taka to refer to the indian Rupee.

24.the Rupee's fall has driven up real import costs for indian companies and made foreign-currency loans more expensive to service.

25.he says the disparities make it hard to manage a currency pegged to the indian Rupee at a time when new delhi is raising interest rates.

26.of course, new equity issuance will not prevent the Rupee from rising.

27.that has put pressure on the indian Rupee, which has fallen to a six-year low against the dollar.

28.the current exchange rate is us$ 1 equal to110 or111 Rupee.

29.the chart below shows that taka depreciated by around 20 paisa against the Rupee since the beginning of 2007.

30.instead, the Rupee plunged to its lowest level ever against the dollar recently. far this year, the Rupee is down 8.3 per cent against the dollar.

32.intense competition to hire and retain staff and a strong indian Rupee are also hitting the sector in india.

33.the indian Rupee fell to a record low against the dollar.

34.the Rupee is at its lowest ever level against the us dollar.

35.the sri lankan Rupee ( currency code lkr) is the official currency of sri lanka.

36.goldman sachs reckons that the Rupee is one of the few asian currencies that is overvalued against the dollar.