Ruminant Sentence Examples | Use Ruminant in a sentence

1.a small Ruminant mammal(antilocapra americana)resembling an antelope and having small forked horns, found on western north american plains.

2.detection of cattle and sheep-derived materials in feed products of Ruminant feed and animal-derived feed this review, the author had reviewed the advance in Ruminant lipids nutrition in2010.

4.if yes, what is the country of origin of the Ruminant material?

5.lining of the stomach of a Ruminant ( especially a bovine) used as food.

6.that was denuded by these Ruminant pests.

7.pineapple waste has been widely used as fiber and energy source for feeding of Ruminant livestock including cattle and buffaloes in many south-east asian countries.

8.the third compartment of the stomach of a Ruminant. provide Ruminant animal an excellent herding ground with hay or sports field.

10.the rumen of Ruminant was a complex micro ecosystem, which there was a dynamic balance that was both collaborative and constraints between rumen microorganisms and host, and also between microbes.

11.these technologies have proven successful in studying the rumen microflora, giving a better understanding of Ruminant microflora populations, their functions and the influence of various factors.

12.any of various swift - running Ruminant mammals of the family bovidae, native to africa and asia and having long. horns and a slender build.

13.assessment of the nutrition value of Ruminant feed by in vitro

14.suitable for extruding starchy feedstuffs, e.g.corn, rice, and Ruminant feed etc.

15.the teeth of the Ruminant are specialised, unlike those of a carnivorous animal.

16.woolly usually horned Ruminant mammal related to the goat.

17.this study provided a method for pcr detection fish-derived material in Ruminant feedstuffs .

18.the utilization of protein and nonprotein nitrogen by Ruminant livestock

19.through to Ruminant livestock nutrition physiology the understanding, elaborated how enhances the feed protein and the nonprotein nitrogen in Ruminant livestock production the use efficiency.

20.the rvf virus circulates between Ruminant animals (cattle, sheep, goats, and camels) via mosquitoes.

21.the cud is sent back to the Ruminant's mouth and chewed extensively so that the fibers can be digested more easily. can be a ram, sheep or goat& any Ruminant mountain animal with horns. mainly defines the advances of research in the relationship between the excretion of hyp and the condition of Ruminant nutrition.

24.methane production by rumen microbes in Ruminant causes loss of feed energy and unignorably contributes to global greenhouse effect.

25.distinction and identification of milk powder and bovine or ovine meat and bone meal in Ruminant feedstuffs

26.in1988, they mandated the destruction of stricken cows and halted the use of cows, sheep and other Ruminant animals in cattle feed.

27.using cncps to evaluating the nutrient value of some roughages for Ruminant

28.dried Ruminant waste may contain up to 35% sawdust and undried processed animal waste may contain up to 40% sawdust.

29.the rvf virus circulates between Ruminant animals ( cattle, sheep, goats, and camels) via mosquitoes.

30.research on the control system of lick brick processing for Ruminant

31.this paper introduced the classification and their forms of bacteria, fungi and protozoa and their application in Ruminant animals, and described the relationship between tureen microorganisms. chemists probably can improve upon the efficiency and economics of the Ruminant's conversion of cellulose to nutrients.

33.very small hornless deer-like Ruminant of tropical asia and west africa.

34.in1997, canada introduced a ban on the feeding of Ruminant meat and bone meal to Ruminant animals.

35.lining of the reticulum ( or second stomach) of a Ruminant used as food. fact, this mentality of women as "Ruminant instinct" , a woman will not repeat the same transaction are saturated.

37.regulation of rendering plants, which operate under cfia permit, includes monitoring of the Ruminant feed ban (bse prevention).

38.when a Ruminant grazes grass, the grass is cut from this height to this height.

39.research status of effects of nutritional factors on methane emission of Ruminant