Ruby Sentence Examples | Use Ruby in a sentence

1.Ruby and rails bring a lot of good ideas to web development.

2.this example combines the erb-style substitutions with the primitive Ruby string substitutions provided with simple strings.

3.unlike the c and java ? languages, Ruby is interpreted, with all of the inherent performance handicaps. create a stack or flow using a Ruby block.

5.this example shows how easy and simple it is to parse xml files with rexml and Ruby.

6.this was because the jit already runs concurrently with executing Ruby code.

7.easy creation and use of dsls in Ruby allowed the birth of many bdd frameworks, such as rspec.

8.but as a programmer learning the Ruby language myself, i can let you know why it is interesting.

9.rails generates a good bit of the web pages for you, but you still need to know some basic html and enough Ruby to write a bit of erb.

10.the little girl's unselfishness endeared her to the old lady, who gave her a Ruby ring as a birthday present.

11.which attracts you more, may i ask, Ruby or emerald?

12.Ruby: you know, my heart belongs to someone. . . there's a boy in my mind and he knows i'm thinking of him. i know i truly love him.

13.a few appendices provide quick help for Ruby and rails definitions that map over to their java counterparts.

14.this will allow you to instantiate java classes, call their methods and even derive from them as if they were just ordinary Ruby objects.

15.with10gen, you can develop applications in python as well as the javascript and Ruby programming languages.

16.mrs flinders: paint me with diamond earring, a diamond necklace, emerald bracelets and a Ruby pendant.

17.scripting languages like Ruby, python, and php power modern-day server-side web development.

18.sam livingston-gray wrote a small standalone Ruby tool to generate hierarchical migration script. then have the Ruby equivalent of a java servlet.

20.every prisoner refuses to live with him in same room but except: killer Ruby (jean reno).

21.this method in Ruby is called collect. Ruby, you can define a method inline for a particular instance by putting the variable name at the beginning of the method declaration.

23.each of the various c-based Ruby gui toolkits has its share of good qualities, but none of them has emerged as a clear winner. theory, both are binary compatible, but now is up to the Ruby code for some libraries how is going to interact with that.

25.if you compare Ruby and diamond, the latter is more valuable. principal interest is concurrency: the combination of Ruby and native threads presents some interesting challenges.

27.Ruby has much less strict requirements for names and directory structures than java technology.

28.this first video explores the relationships between java, Ruby and agile.

29.the Ruby and javascript languages have helped to popularize the idea of open classes in object-oriented programming.

30.this article presented a number of simple scripts for extracting data from twitter using the Ruby language.

31.a: have you any idea of the prices of Ruby and diamond? this article, i used Ruby as an example.

33.emerald bracelets and a Ruby pendant. her bracelet was set with emeralds.

34.Ruby gives me just what i need.

35.they got misty-eyed listening to records of Ruby murray singing 'danny boy'.

36.Ruby tears have come to me for your last words. utilizing rails migration and defining your database schema changes in Ruby files, versioning of changes takes place in a logical manner.

38.this first technique applies which to find the first Ruby executable in the current path.

39.strings in Ruby are a powerful way to hold, compare, and manipulate textual data.