Roy Sentence Examples | Use Roy in a sentence

1.Roy: you know, that would have been a lot less ominous if he wasn't carrying a stepladder. . .

2.i followed the last tour you did with Roy. mean you won't give it to me, Roy?

4.the song is a tribute to Roy orbison

5.Roy: five days a week. from eight to eighteen. if there are too many documents than usual to deal with, you have to work overtime.

6.Roy distills these messages into something powerful

7.well, little Roy and i could join you.

8.Roy swung his legs carefully off the couch and sat up. Roy points out, http is our api, so maybe a bald statement would be to say that there should be no other standard api built using it.

10.alright, this is for you and Roy firestone.

11.Roy keane says learning from sir alex ferguson and brian clough will stand him in good stead in his debut season in the premier league.

12.his deputy Roy hattersley, elected as part of the dream ticket to succeed michael foot in 1983, will also resign.

13.for a moment a shadow seemed to pass across Roy's face.

14.manchester united have reached an agreement with Roy keane which allows him to leave the club with immediate effect .

15.this is it, this is where Roy and aubrey stayed.

16.i think i know where Roy is.

17.Roy, what are you doing back so soon.

18.there he is, there's Roy foldes!

19.Roy: am i being funny? his statement, mr. allen said, my guess is that Roy price will regret this.

21.Roy: i guess it's too much to hope for you to thank me for rescuing you, right?

22.Roy did his duty by his younger sister.

23.he cherished if he cherished her only because she was the mother of his son, Roy.

24.why don't you ask Roy? he's well up on chinese art.

25.Roy laughed too, a loud happy laugh.

26.Roy: i don't know what happened to me. i just lost it.

27.liverpool boss Roy hodgson was one of the manager's reportedly monitoring the situation, and the reds were considering a contract offer.

28.Roy: i fail to see how being a woman would help either one of us defeat these assassins. was a question that Roy not unnaturally found impossible to answer

30.'what do you want, Roy? if it's money, you're out of luck.'

31.Roy was tremendously ugly, mega ugly.

32.nothing will be too good for you when i'm Roy's wife. many of mumbai's office workers, mr Roy eats lunch food prepared for him by his wife while it is still fresh and hot. much of an influence has Roy keane had on you?

35.Roy hodgson today hailed fernando torres's commitment to liverpool football club.

36.Roy told his sorrowful tale with simple words anybody could understand.

37.the government has set up a committee under the chairmanship of professor Roy goode.

38.Roy: i wish i could be there.

39.Roy: yes, you did, but i have my reward.