Rotate Sentence Examples | Use Rotate in a sentence

1.molecules Rotate and vibrate by virtue of their heat.

2.the symbols Rotate. earth then tries each symbol to see if the rotation fosters ascension of her field or portions of her field or not.

3.a wave occurs when many or all the ellipses Rotate at the same rate. addition, clothes can be driven to Rotate through the friction between the ribs and clothes.

5.this object is going to Rotate. the vanes in the figure Rotate clockwise or counterclockwise?

7.tilt and Rotate the view to see3d terrain and buildings.

8.wheels, tops and the earth Rotate.

9.drag onto the page. Rotate or flip to change direction. select and type to change text. would still be a ball of wool but would roll horizontally (actually Rotate) as you hover over one of the 8 selections.

11.a few days ago, however, a bona-fide active region -- complete with sunspots -- appeared and continues to Rotate across the sun's face. can Rotate the chart and zoom in on areas of interest.

13.with a low-pitched rumbling noise, the propeller began to Rotate.

14.from this interface, you can scroll, zoom and Rotate the image.

15.the liquid is then displaced axially as the screws Rotate and mesh.

16.Rotate the head clockwise and counterclockwise.

17.think of ireland. Rotate it 90 degrees clockwise, make it a third bigger and hang it like a pendant from the arctic circle.

18.the members of the club can Rotate and one person can do all the preparation for the evening

19.arrow pointing left and right. flip or Rotate the arrow to change its direction.

20.the whole idea is to get you to also buy an air filter, Rotate your tires or buy something else while you're there. can Rotate back and forth and select one which is closer to you. is often useful to Rotate the order that obj files are sent to the linker to discover the location of the other version of the data type.

23.xue bao chai all tries to be practical, mind like this, also whatever blow to Rotate son in the brain, disappear to have no zong., push off on your stomach and kick for a few cycles, then Rotate to your side. maintain the same rhythm of the kick.

25.interns have to Rotate for a few months.

26.the earth Rotates round the sun

27.both the grinding wheel and the workpiece Rotate during the operation and feed is applied in the longitudinal direction. can Rotate the wheel with your hand. the right crops and Rotate them rationally.

30.they will swap posts in a year's time, according to new party rules which Rotate the leadership.

31.the handle can Rotate freely on all axes.

32.the influence of the pressure, Rotate speed and polishing time on mrr is discussed in this paper.

33.Rotate your torso upward toward the ceiling.

34.the result of calculations shows that this kind of rotor can satisfy the need of intensity and stiffness, and suit any Rotate speeds.

35.but the shapes match up if i Rotate by a sixth of a turn around the point where all the triangles meet.

36.with a single click, you can touch-up, crop, or Rotate pictures. you think we can Rotate ships after a while?

38.this large gear turns the small one to Rotate the cylinder.

39.take each foot in both your hands and Rotate it to loosen and relax the ankle.