Rotary Sentence Examples | Use Rotary in a sentence type a, Rotary subluxation occurs during progression of the curvature. in type b, it seems to be the initial event.

2.but when the Rotary inertia of the hub is close to that of the beam, the zeroth-order approximation model may lead to wrong result.

3.i took a course in speaking, trained hard and even spoke in competitions at local Rotary clubs.

4.there is a4 position Rotary filter wheel with one clear and three nd filters.

5.the error characters of Rotary sins are analyzed and the model of four-position indexing scheme is established.

6.that summer, carly set off with her family across ohio, visiting three or four Rotary clubs a week.

7.there are several important differences between linear and Rotary induction electric motors that bear on selection.

8.vertical strip storage the Rotary carriage provides Rotary and vertical motion to the drill string and bit.

9.the designment and magnification of Rotary filter-press was offered.

10.this paper introduces a semi-generative capp system for Rotary type parts within a machinery works. is a new method to measure displacement with programmable logic controller, programmable terminal and Rotary encoder.

12.the analysis of the technical characteristics of Rotary compressor;

13.yes, my fellow Rotary leaders, this institute is for you and we hope to see you becoming happy and proud of it.

14.Rotary type direct drive servo valve has great advantage, but it needs effective control.

15.this optimal method has application value in the field of the Rotary vane compressor.

16.a national patent: the flexible driving technology of the large-scale Rotary kiln.

17.because it is in mass production, using a Rotary drilling fixture, improved production efficiency. consists of a car-riage, a Rotary gear reducer and a hoist gear reducer.

19.the sc series swing clamps combine linear and Rotary motions.

20.the valve is allowed to move vertically and oscillating Rotary motion is possible.

21.the main Rotary shaft can be simultaneously fixed with a plurality of circular discs with self rotation shafts.

22.a test and control system of full-automation high precision time grating Rotary table with digital display is designed.

23.when out-of-hole, either a bit breaker or hole cover must be in place in the Rotary table at all times.

24.Rotary axis is driven with gears via servo motors.

25.this structure with the abolition of the traditional centrifugal Rotary shaft sealing device it can do no leakage.

26.the Rotary shaft line of the Rotary wheel is vertical with that of the wheels.

27.the Rotary engine was a crazy and yet beautiful piece of engineering that powered aircraft in the early years of aviation.

28.the effort of Rotary de-scaling on the surface quality of a pickled hot-rolled strip is shown in figure 9.

29.the recovery of silver from waste electronic parts by two-step electrolysis method with Rotary cylinder as cathode is discussed.

30.the article introduced tyre fastening system of Rotary kiln, reiterated importance of lubrication for tyre fasten system;

31.the Rotary gear reducer is driven by a dc motor through a gearbox to pro-vide bi-directional drill bit rotation.

32.this paper deals with a physical and mathematical model for the vibration failure diagnosis of Rotary machines.

33.conventional ultrasonic ndt method is quite incompetence for the surface fatigue crack testing of in service Rotary shaft.

34.i accepted because in 1987 i had been a Rotary youth exchange student in canada.

35.vibrating characteristic and dynamic stress calculation for adjustable Rotary blade flowers and seeds and leaves all used as flavorings.

36.the central unit is a Rotary drum.

37.the structure consists of the electrohydraulic servo and a Rotary blade type steering engine device;

38.when Rotary kiln installation ends, need to Rotary kiln commissioning and debugging.

39.this happened with one of the prices brought in a rig of Rotary devices to use against the jokes of his brother.