Rot Sentence Examples | Use Rot in a sentence had a shelf life of less than love, have begun to Rot, is not going to spit it.

2.i only wish to sing out a bit of warmth in our hearts it will not Rot.

3.i Rot in the pit of your memories.

4.i've had enough of smelling death and Rot and death.

5.the ripe fruit began to Rot when no one came to pick it.

6.this prevents mold and Rot in your home, and can also reduce allergens and pollution.

7.what a load of pompous, pseudo-intellectual Rot

8.and i do not know whether the sun will Rot or dry what is left, so i had better eat it all although i am not hungry.

9.the relationship between different application amounts of potash fertilizer and the incidence of corn stalk Rot was studied.

10.the food within his refrigerator had begun to Rot; he needed fresh provisions and a means of cooking for himself.

11.investigations had revealed extensive Rot in the beams under the ground floor

12.there was no report about strawberry red stele root Rot, which was caused of fusarium solani in china.

13.this guy talks a lot of Rot all the time.

14.some of rubbish Rot away over a long time.

15.Rot is eating away the interior of the house

16." passed a few days, bunny comes up against a peacock, envy the ground to ask again: " your tail, does for what so multicoloured spot Rot?

17.white Rot fungus was applied to coal desulfurization for the first time and its feasibility and principle were studied. vines contracted black Rot last spring.

19.he then took what many saw as a step back by joining Rot weiss ahlen, but it turned out to be precisely the career boost he was looking for.

20.the roof sagged at one corner, where the ceiling beams had snapped with Rot

21.we were not in the least worried about the possibility that sweets could Rot the teeth

22.most governments simply leave the long-term jobless to Rot on the dole.

23.if we don't unload it soon, the grain will start Rotting in the silos

24."Rot your tongue! " said lota. "our master has no concubines. that young woman is his adopted daughter and a widow. " is absolutely scandalous that a fantastic building like this is just left to Rot away. many schools, the Rot is beginning to set in. standards are falling all the time

27.sugary canned drinks Rot your teeth.

28.the original full grain became dried and hard, its whole body seemed to be cracking, so it prepared to Rot with the corn stalk.

29.condensation will eventually cause the fabric of the building to Rot away. the windowsills to check for signs of Rot

31.he said: "no, not this time; but i'll tell you what, i distinctly smell dry Rot. "

32.foot Rot is an avoidable affliction.

33.this is Rot the original picture, but just a copy of it.

34.this indicates the importance of effective soil treatments for root Rot management in field production systems.

35.this research attempt to use the biocontrol methods to control soybean root Rot and discuss its possible mechanism.

36.the air is Rot, a waste of time.

37."nothing, " he said, "will be of any use to you except this, you should be able to detect when a man is talking Rot. " . . .

38.may i Rot if i don't empty it!