Roster Sentence Examples | Use Roster in a sentence's not easy to put together a championship-caliber Roster.

2.if you look on the duty Roster, you'll see when you're working. make publicly available Roster of consultants for technical assistance.

4.take note of the new Roster.

5.this new Roster provides a more well-rounded global perspective.

6.account for employees by using employee Roster.

7.setting up a duty Roster for the employees or managing appointments for a veterinary surgeon are the right jobs for this planning tool.

8.from the studio's Roster of leading men, robert walker was an obvious choice to play the part.

9.therefore, selecting one of these options will train your entire Roster, whether or not they play in any games that week.

10.the teacher checked the Roster to see whom he would teach this year.

11.pull up their senior executive Roster.

12.improvements have been made to the Roster confirmation screen, so that players aren't accidently released.

13.( british) a Roster of names showing the order in which people should perform certain duties.

14.with this tool you can easily convert the Roster from any fm team into fifa format.

15.the Roster looks the part, particularly if carl landry and dikembe mutombo re-up.

16.they supplied us with a Roster of soloists.

17.while we have tracy and yao our goal is to each year develop a Roster that is championship caliber.

18.some top firms have seen their client Roster shrink with the loss of key financial institutions.

19.information on upcoming and past tourneys, action pictures, current Roster, and an alumni page.

20.honey, can i get a spring training Roster? take our Roster of great clients to an all new level!

22.following up on your leadership initiative, let me be the first to volunteer to be placed on your Roster of visiting guest 'lecturers.

23.everyone's on the Roster. now rumor has it that at least one of the other three u. s. carriers may add the iphoneiphone to its Roster next week. might still have a team Roster, though.

26.that's half your Roster year in and year out since general manager larry harris took over. all we need is to make it into the playoff with a full and healthy Roster.

28.the 13-year veteran will be one of the few players on the Roster this season who did not go through the golden state humiliation.

29.most of the rear wall was taken up with a duty Roster and two bulletin boards festooned with typewritten notices and circulars.

30.he was in his office, preparing his duty Roster for the coming month.

31.nevertheless, i do expect to see a new face or two signed to the preseason Roster within the next couple of weeks.

32.what we are seeing is that employers are taking this time to upgrade their talent Roster.

33.each team conducts a training camp in october to determine its 12-player Roster.

34.gotta see how they fit with Roster and system.

35.nationals trying to reshape their Roster after finishing with a major league- worst 59 wins last season.

36.let's not make any Roster moves at this point (unless bonzi could be moved for real help). team chemistry seems to be great.

37.using the same high standards and production values as our film work, our Roster of award winning photographers produce some outstanding work.

38.considering the team's contender status with him on the Roster, it will all be worth it.