Ross Sentence Examples | Use Ross in a sentence

1.monica and rachel's balcony, Ross and rachel are talking.

2.Ross , check it out : hockey tickets , rangers- penguins, tonight at the garden, and we're taking you .

3.i'd like to make toast, Ross and emily.

4.Ross had always enjoyed the company of women

5.jenny Ross: yes, kate, i have.

6.send the coupon with your deposit to house beautiful weekend, fao heidi Ross.

7.Ross's father got a new job.

8.and what have i done to my son, miss Ross?

9.'studge' wasn't bad at all, he's got a good voice on him, yuri is quite a shy lad but great ability and Ross as well.'s between us and the sea, Ross!

11.he fell back in embarrassment when he saw that Ross had no hair at all

12.Ross: yes, we did, everything's a-ok!

13.both democratic and republican parties are courting former supporters of Ross perot

14.jenny Ross: yes, they are.

15.Ross toured 25 regional disney channels around the globe two years ago, trying to convince them of hsm's potential.

16.'mr Ross wants to see you and your daughter now, mrs sanders, 'she said follow me, please. '

17.Ross: i went there too!

18.Ross: i could ask her to live with me!

19.Ross : and then, like three days in a row he got to the newspaper before i did, and peed all over the cRossword.

20.rachel and Ross are going to have a baby.

21.Ross: i am with you on angel. but alec loved her. and he proposed to her as well. tess refused him.

22.that was me and Ross.

23.the institute's dr Ross grant said the results would be used to give teenagers positive messages about healthy eating.

24.look, Ross, you have what you want, you're back with rachel.

25.Ross: i don't know. i really like her and i want to keep dating her. have a boy friend, i have, a baby, and Ross.

27.Ross: i don't have too. i can just look at you.

28.i'm not in love with Ross!

29.i think you should talk to Ross about all this.

30.we goofed last week at the end of our interview with singer annie Ross.

31.the dog he bought in london from Ross and mangles, the dealers in fulham road. it was the strongest and most savage in their possession.

32.Ross points out that phoebe's never been in a long term relationship, which freaks her out just as she leaves on a date with mike.

33.because, i can't! Ross, i told you, no.i can't. i said before, stan Ross is back.

35.Ross: i can't believe we have to say goodbye to the house we grew up in.

36.Ross: alright, i want my monkey.

37.for thanksgiving, janine invites joey and Ross to hang out with her and her dancer friends, but they have to eat dinner at monica's first.

38.looks like Ross and i are captains.

39.have you seen either, Ross?