Rosin Sentence Examples | Use Rosin in a sentence

1.the invention relates to clays comprising charge-balancing organic ions wherein at least part of the organic ions are Rosin-based ions.

2.the main oil-generating components in coal are relatively low content of keratose and sporinite. Rosin and exinite are in the next place.

3.thousands of metempsychosis, make gum Rosin became amber, he also by the end of that little vitality living in his iii.

4.a modified alkyd resin has been prepared based on soya oil fatty acid, Rosin and waste petp etc. of applications of Rosin in pu paint is Rosin ester resin modified polyisocyanate prepolymer. this paper, linear Rosin ester sizer was synthesized from modified Rosin and diethylene glycol. the same time, the quality of the honduras Rosin and turpentine were improved by the authors.

8.application research progress of microwave technology on deep processing of Rosin

9.synthesis and properties of the prepolymer from acrylic acid Rosin and ethylene diglycidyl ether

10.synthetic method of Rosin acid modified terephthalic unsaturated polyester resin ( tupr) was studied.

11.the chemistry is based on some of the same principles that have been safely used for years in mildly activated Rosin fluxes.

12.the alkyd modified t-octylphenolic resin was prepared by alcoholized linseed oil with pentaerythritol, Rosin and octylphenolic resin.

13.for functional polymer of Rosin allyl alcohol ester, the static adsorption of ginkgo biloba flavone was22.

14.the paper detailedly analysed and discussed the Rosin applied in wax printing process, choice of dyes and dyeing technology.

15.tannic acid the Rosin and tannin that can be extracted from it are sought by the chemical industry.

16.kinds of flotation collectors modified with fatty acid using oleic oil and Rosin acid as raw materials were introduced.

17.organ-montmorillonite ( ommt) modified Rosin emulsion was prepared by inversion process. of polymerized Rosin modified phenolic resin and application in the ink

19.research progress on the epoxy resins and curing agents synthesized from Rosin

20.they were told to brew up a foul mixture of chicken and goose grease, pine, Rosin, pitch and turpentine in an earthenware pot.

21.the application of Rosin ester in hot melt adhesive ( hma) and the compare between Rosin ester and petroleum resin were summarized.

22.release features and surface topography of coated urea with Rosin and tung oil as film-forming materials; this paper, the authors summarized the selection and utilization of slash pine propagation material with high-yield Rosin. of preparation and properties of formaldehyde Rosin epoxy resin modified by organic silicon

25.composition of vinyl ester of Rosin and structures of the components were studied by glc and various spectra. this paper, the method of the synthesis of fumaric acid modified Rosin was studied.

27.Rosin modified nonylphenolic resin was synthesized by one-step synthesis in laboratory.

28.the esterification reactions of Rosin with ethanol, ethane glycol and glycol under the irradiation of microwave and ultrasound have been investigated in the present paper.

29.polymerized Rosin is a modified products of gum Rosin, contains abietic type acids.

30.the production is estered from extra grade Rosin and pentaerythritol.

31.these Rosin esters showed high sizing effectiveness under neutral and alkaline papermaking conditions.

32.a description is made of the sources, chemical composition and physicochemical properties of Rosin and its derivant.

33.this paper mainly introduced the research and development of polyurethane foams, based on starch, Rosin, plant oil, lignin and cellulose both at home and abroad.

34.fumaropimaric acid was prepared from Rosin and fumaric acid as raw materials.

35.hydrogenated Rosin is one of the dominant varieties of modified Rosin and is widely used in industry.

36.the kind and amount of antioxidants and light stabilizers which affected the stability of colorless Rosin pentaerythritol ester were studied.

37.this formulation consists of high quality, purified Rosin to which a synergistic combination of activating agents has been incorporated.

38.the testing processes of a Rosin size used for papermaking are introduced in detail.

39.studies on the kinetics of thermal oxidation of Rosin and abietic acid on the polyethylene film has been shown in the published literature, and consistent with our work, that hydroperoxides are the major allergen in oxidised Rosin.