Riser Sentence Examples | Use Riser in a sentence

1.application of two-stage Riser reactor technology in the heavy oil catalytic cracking equipments

2.i've been an early Riser all my life.

3.remote-controlled machines smash the sulfide deposits, which are then hoovered up through a Riser pipe to a vessel on the surface.

4.study on nonlinear dynamic response of deepwater drilling Riser with vessel motions;

5.the hispanic unemployment rate was the highest Riser of any racial and ethnic group over that period, reported the wall street journal.

6.the valve would force the oil into a new Riser, bringing it up to a ship.

7.are you an early Riser?

8.the gas holdup of the Riser decreased obviously with the increasing of the solid loading.

9.early Riser: in2006, because of running, i became an early Riser.

10.in floating offshore operations, the choke and kill lines exit the subsea bop stack and run along the outside of the Riser to the surface.

11.marine Riser is a steel or flexible pipe which transfer well fluids from the seabed to the surface.

12.the model modified with kalman filter may be able to simulate the Riser well.

13.an outlet of the Riser regenerative heater is connected with the gas-solid separator.

14.i figured i must have been born without the early Riser gene.

15.the drift flux model was used to study gas hold-up in Riser.

16.but for me, switching from being a night owl to an early Riser (and yes, it is possible) has been a godsend .

17.the lower bound of local voidage in bubbling fluidized beds was obtained by revising the correlation for the voidage inside clusters in Riser flow.

18.i am an early Riser, but not that early.

19.drilling Riser in deepwater, which was often acted on by extreme load of wave and current, was analyzed by ansys.

20.liquid velocity increased with draft-tube height, while gas hold up in the Riser decreased with it.

21.stairs that compute Riser, going and number of treads based on floor-to-floor distance.

22.sulfur content of gasoline reduces gradually along the Riser.

23.those may cause serious disaster. therefore, studying on ultimate strength and fatigue life of dented Riser is of great significant.

24.he was an early Riser and he would be at the breakfast table at seven.

25.the configuration of supply and return water main and Riser in the pipe well of the system is analyzed.

26.what was the most difficult part of the transformation into the advanced early Riser for you?

27.enter target Riser height to be used in calculating the number of Risers.

28.the oil vaporizes and cracks to lighter products as it moves up the Riser and carries the catalyst along with it.

29.connect the flex joint to the Riser.

30.study on gating and Riser system cad software development

31.impact of fast separator construction of fcc Riser reactor on oil vapor residence time in disengager

32.how can you be sure your friend is an early Riser?

33.if it did, the pressure of the oil would blow it out of the Riser like a cork in a hose.

34.load out contractor's Riser at zhanjiang anchorage.

35.application of Riser on arc structure surface of castings

36.once i applied those ideas, i was able to become an early Riser consistently.

37.strength assessment for deepwater drilling Riser and engineering application

38.experimental study on gas-solid flow characteristic in high-flux circulating fluidized bed Riser

39.the time domain nonlinear dynamic analysis of a steel catenary Riser was introduced for fatigue life prediction.

40.when the height of storey is not higher than4m, fixed parts can be installed on Riser.