Right-angled Sentence Examples | Use Right-angled in a sentence

1.connector that automatically routes between the shapes it connects, using a Right-angled line.

2.the large deflection plastic response of a Right-angled frame to impact

3.ladder-shaped friction clutch furthermore, triangles or trapeziums are divided into rectangles and Right-angled triangles.

4.the hypotenuse of a Right-angled triangle is the side opposite its right angle.

5.having Right-angled cleavage. a device for converting alternating into direct current.

6.for the isosceles trapezoidal cavity and the Right-angled trapezoidal cavity, the effects of reynolds number and the top angle θ on the strength, center position and number of vortex are studied.

7.in this paper, a method-arc method is introduced, by which the development chart can be drawn, of multiple-piece, equal-diameter and Right-angled elbows with the radius as the arc of r.

8.a Right-angled bend in a pipe or conduit; elbow.

9.road with a Right-angled corner. attach to other road segments to create road layouts.

10.line with a variable arrowhead that routes between the shapes it connects using an adjustable Right-angled line.

11.function of an angle expressed as a ratio of the sides of Right-angled triangle containing the angle.

12.this paper presents algorithms for automatic establishment of the topology of convex polygon and Right-angled polygon respectively by using the house characteristic points extracted through image matching based on the analysis of polygon topology.

13.paradox on Right-angled lever and laue's energy-current in moving stressed body

14.a polished fitting curve is drown up when the curve of similar Right-angled trapezoids is polished

15.the reciprocal theorem is applied to the bending of the isosceles Right-angled triangle plate.

16.and then, in 20 minutes, the Right-angled triangles began to appear on the screens.

17.process research on preparation of aluminum alloy die-forging blank with Right-angled bends on both sides

18.the improved mom-po technique is validated by comparison with exact solutions for a Right-angled perfectly conducting wedge at normal incidence.

19.local dynamic effect modification of Right-angled triangle plate element under arbitrary excitation

20.lattice gas simulation of 2-d viscous flow in a Right-angled bend

21.at traffic lights the most common accidents are faster, Right-angled collisions.

22.for being connected with another slope child body-building equipment, the extension part of the upper end of the Right-angled trapezoid plate is provided with a hard thread gluing.

23.the element stiffness matrix of the space circular curved beam for Right-angled coordinate with the flexibility method are derived, a computer program including this kind of element for analysing the internal force of space frame is worked out and two engineering examples are calculated.

24.scattering of fixed circular inclusion in Right-angled plane to steady incident planar shearing horizontal wave

25.a new decomposition algorithm of simple polygon based on determination of Right-angled vertices and convex-concave vertices is presented by fully mining vertical and lined relationship of polygon itself in autocad.

26.the Right-angled trapezoid plate is made of pu materials and an eva material layer which is compounded on the slope surface.

27.this paper brought forward a new kind of power supply whose outputting current pulse is positive Right-angled triangle.

28.Right-angled arrow shape with adjustable thickness and open or closed end.

29.square on longest side of a Right-angled triangle equals stun of the squares on other two sides.

30.fold but do not fold into a Right-angled triangle the intermediate is not it?

31.given the lengths of the two sides of a Right-angled triangle, we can find out the length of a third side.

32.Right-angled walls of water cube.

33.the principle of pulse fine division in measurement of displacement by using grating scale ( so called grating line displacement transducer) with Right-angled sinewave is discussed.

34.a Right-angled optical prism used to turn an inverted image upright.