Rhinoceros Sentence Examples | Use Rhinoceros in a sentence

1.i'd rather meet a Rhinoceros or a lion any day. i am more frightened of the buffalo than of any other creature in africa.

2.any of various extinct herbivorous hoofed mammals of the genus brontotherium and related genera, of the eocene and oligocene epochs, resembling the Rhinoceros.

3.this group includes seabirds like the atlantic puffin (pictured), the tufted puffin in the north pacific, and the Rhinoceros auklet.

4.Rhinoceros: give me a break, were been waddling all day.

5.plaintiff: i just got to know what Rhinoceros looks like yesterday.

6.there's no more alarming sight than an angry Rhinoceros on the rampage.

7.i could eat the ass out of a dead Rhinoceros.

8.officials in nepal say there's been a healthy increase in the population of the endangered one-horned Rhinoceros.

9.who wants a cheap Rhinoceros?

10.well-known commodities pearls, Rhinoceros horn, sea turtle, ivory and so on.

11.a Rhinoceros at the city zoo gored a small child yesterday.

12.it uses a silver background, with the snickers logo subordinated to the word "charged, " and a frontal image of a Rhinoceros head.

13.the birds are a very clever animal, he would elephant and Rhinoceros in the animals beating, and to help eliminate them physically garbage.

14.cattle, sheep and goats have a pair of horns, but the indian Rhinoceros only has one.

15.conservation groups said the javan Rhinoceros is now extinct in vietnam, according to the bbc.

16.the Rhinoceros is one of the oldest surviving species.

17.large light-gray african Rhinoceros having two horns; endangered; sometimes placed in genus diceros.

18.of course not, but when it comes to proportional strength, the Rhinoceros beetle is second to none.

19.the Rhinoceros is one of the oldest surviving mammalian species.

20.it is said to be Rhinoceros horn, wonder what should a Rhinoceros horn like?

21.wait a minute. i though Rhinoceros were vegetarians.

22.in desperation, ma kidnaps mingming, kills his Rhinoceros and gives her its heart as a final gift.

23.carruthers had been gored by a Rhinoceros

24.would you rather be crushed by a snake, eaten by a crocodile or sat on by a Rhinoceros?

25.they went on safari searching for the rare black Rhinoceros.

26."it was then that we discovered that the horn on our stuffed Rhinoceros had been sawed off, " wolter says.

27.he called me a Rhinoceros three years ago.

28.their quarry were Rhinoceros, elephant, and leopard.

29.she wouldn't believe me about the warthog and the Rhinoceros.

30.shattering fetters, like a fish in the water tearing a net, like a fire not coming back to what's burnt, wander alone like a Rhinoceros.

31.the toy "roboreptile" came face to face with a real Rhinoceros iguana at the london zoo.

32.this region is now the home of the second largest surviving population of the endangered indian Rhinoceros.

33.uncle vernon sat back down, breathing like a winded Rhinoceros and watching harry closely out of the corners of his small, sharp eyes.

34.this injection stuns the Rhinoceros, so we can examine it.

35.circular of the state council on banning the trade of Rhinoceros horn and tiger bone

36.throughout the nomenclature, elephant, hippopotamus, walrus, narwhal and wild boar tusks, Rhinoceros horns and the teeth of all animals are regarded as "ivory".

37.probably the most unusual vending machine of them all sells a popular japanese pet, the Rhinoceros beetle.