Retrieved Sentence Examples | Use Retrieved in a sentence

1.this url can be Retrieved from the services discovery document by using the discovery chain method.

2.we Retrieved three members, and you got four queries.

3.we used the user resource that we Retrieved earlier.

4.the data required for the page is Retrieved from the database.

5.they chased the man, caught him and Retrieved the handbag.

6.he reached over and Retrieved his jacket from the back seat

7.each scope has a single class through which contextual data is stored and Retrieved.

8.the name and the title of the parent are stored in an information dictionary, so that the data can be easily Retrieved in a page template.

9.her smile never faded as she happily Retrieved the ball and resumed where she had left off.

10.content components and library components can both be Retrieved by the page design.

11.they can be inserted into and Retrieved from the database, and converted in or out of text.

12.using these classes, the name and size of the pool can be Retrieved and changed.

13.note that this does not include the server name, which can be Retrieved separately.

14.concepts can be created, Retrieved and deleted.

15.the municipal authorities said the Retrieved pigs would be collected and handled in a harmless way.

16.different criteria can be used to sort the documents in the search results that you Retrieved.

17.therefore, map data can only be Retrieved for user profiles that contain valid location data in the element.

18.he added that authorities would not be able to confirm whether the debris was from the plane until they Retrieved some of it.

19.subsets of the xml documents, even individual elements and attributes, can be queried and Retrieved.

20.any object's configuration can be created, modified, and Retrieved using the soma interface.

21.the acl should be persisted and Retrieved using ordinary database types, such as varchar or string.

22.this results in a perceived performance boost because data can be Retrieved and processed faster.

23.listing 10 shows an example Retrieved from the_formwidget class.

24.can, optionally, be launched from a catapult and Retrieved by parachute deployment.

25.these schemas are Retrieved using identifiers& specifically, the provider identifier and the schema identifier.

26.rico did not know the name of the eighth object, but in seven out of ten tests, he appropriately Retrieved a different novel item.

27.provided i've Retrieved a valid message, i can obtain its payload or body via the getbody call.

28.the application, application server and web service information can be Retrieved along with the relationships among them.

29.once the email is Retrieved, we need to be able to call from the db and route emails to multiple agents, if they are online.

30.yesterday i Retrieved the bag i left in the train. is potentially Retrieved from and stored on other backend systems over a network. this point, you have created a private cloud and Retrieved a preloaded pattern.

33.when a pattern is Retrieved, it includes a map of properties and parameters that must be specified.

34.he flaunts his queer style as a savage might flaunt a top-hat Retrieved from somebody's dustbin.

35.when those variables are used in an expression, the value of the variable is Retrieved and used for the expression.

36.t use time or words carelessly. neither can be Retrieved. life is not a race, but a journey to be savored each step of the way.

37.that can be Retrieved and manipulated to produce information.

38.a separate window opens showing sample xml documents Retrieved from the database.

39.the caddie failed to catch the ball and it went into a lake and could not be Retrieved.

40.the application list could not be Retrieved. the application and instance databases must be removed manually.