Reticular Sentence Examples | Use Reticular in a sentence

1.chest radiographs are nonspecific, showing Reticular or nodular opacities , or consolidation, often with a lower lobe predominance.

2.characteristics. second, hypertext. html: hypertext the Reticular structure, and to organize information nonlinear way reading.

3.a fine but irregular Reticular pattern is present in the lung periphery, representing intralobular interstitial thickening.

4.what's your problem? - i got a neuroanatomic lesion affecting my Reticular activating system. - what does that mean?

5.the granules of decidua granulocytes reduced or even disappeared, together with disintegration or even rupture of the Reticular fibers.

6.the radiographic appearance of honey combing comprises Reticular densities caused by the thick walls of the cysts.

7.ultrastructural studies on Reticular formation of medulla oblongata in the early stage of brain-stem mechanical injury in rats.

8.the invented nano Reticular composite membrane has excellent mechanical strength, toughness and corrosion resistance.

9.i learned about the organs and the inner workings of the body in class but nobody told me about the Reticular activation system.

10.limit test of benzene-series residues in the total-saponins of separated and purified by macro Reticular resin from panax quinque folium l.