Retaining Sentence Examples | Use Retaining in a sentence

1.reinforced earth Retaining wall is a widely used construction technique of Retaining walls. pressure and stability analysis of Retaining walls and anchors

3.the list to group projection can only be used for lists, and it turns the list into a group by Retaining only the first item of the list.

4.using the reinforced concrete built-up Retaining walls to protect existing lines is an effective, economical and reliable method.

5.a new technique and its basic principle for assessing Retaining walls integrality by ground penetrating radar are introduced. changes in the asian labour market also make attracting and Retaining staff more difficult, he warned.

7.finally, this new criterion is used to analyze the earth pressure of Retaining wall.

8.the treatment of an ill Retaining wall in jiangmen city is introduced in detail in this paper.

9.the left bank and riverbed water Retaining dam of kangyang hydropower station is a dam with inclined loam core.

10.but even in such a society there would be great advantages in Retaining competitive markets based on private ownership.

11.henry crawford's Retaining her hand at such a moment, a moment of such peculiar proof and importance, was worth ages of doubt and anxiety. can be the filtration layer of the dikes, river canal, seacoast, concrete and Retaining walls.

13.the earth pressure against flexible Retaining walls is closely related to the mode and amount of wall displacement.

14.the steel Retaining plate has two functions, Retaining the bushing and preventing rod rotation.

15.after the bottom cover of the phone is removed, a small battery Retaining bracket can be popped out of its socket.

16.Retaining older staff has also been a challenge for companies trying to avert a labor crunch.

17.32 linear meters of reinforced Retaining wall have been completed.

18.the lateral deformation of Retaining wall is a very important and key variable in excavation engineering.

19.Retaining wall with relieving plate has much superiority and is often adopted in practice.

20.based on the deformation mechanism of cement-soil Retaining wall the effect of top beam of the wall is studied.

21.a new Retaining method for deep excavation-prestressed anchor flexible Retaining method has been developed by the authors.

22.check expander nuts and Retaining clip on b-pillar for damage and replace if necessary.

23.japanese companies have had difficulty recruiting and Retaining local talent.

24.the test results can be used as a reference for future studies and designs of reinforced earth Retaining wall.

25.the whole race seems to be wearing make-up and smooth as a sex, while Retaining its animal vivacity and its restrained violence.

26.research on optimum design and application of double-row pile Retaining structure

27.objective: to study indications and methods of head of pancreas resection duodenum Retaining.

28.insert twist locks or Retaining lugs for the bearing shells into the recesses.

29.application of horizontal arching effect in Retaining pile design

30.a stone masonry Retaining wall is an old kind of Retaining structures. how can organisations balance efficiency with Retaining and nurturing the best employees?

32.Retaining structure of masonry arch dam, diversion system for pressurized water diversion, plant-plant to the ground.

33.the computation method of water and earth pressures on Retaining wall is closely related with that of earth pressure.

34.anchored Retaining wall can reduce the earth excavation quantity and avoid slope collapse in unfavorable geological conditions effectively. the present method is of theoretical value for studying the active earth pressure on rigid Retaining walls. was developed as a low impact tool for Retaining information that is often needed at a later date.

37.and i think one of our highest priorities, over the next four years, is Retaining that.

38.the upshot was that the fat-Retaining livers were rich in a variety of proteins known to help the body digest and store food.

39.the geogrid reinforced soil Retaining wall is composed of panel, geogrid and soil.

40.the die and eqiupment of internal pressurized expanding Retaining rings and double cone wedge-reaming die were also studied.