Resuscitator Sentence Examples | Use Resuscitator in a sentence order to help emergency doctors to control proximal airway pressure, we have designed the Resuscitator bag with pressure monitoring.

2.analysis of exciting circuit of direct current motor drive for cor-lung Resuscitator outside the body

3.the cardiopulmonary Resuscitator installed with this kind of teeth is reliable in action and is conveniently for switching into a breathing machine for first aid.

4.development of cardiopulmonary-cerebral Resuscitator and resuscitation technique

5.the application of pneumatic transfer and control principle in total pneumatic cardiopulmonary Resuscitator of a field portable nbc Resuscitator view of the special disadvantageous conditions in battlefield, a portable pneumatic gas-control cardiopulmonary Resuscitator is developed for the critical wounded care in battlefield, which satisfies the requirements of medical physiological parameters.

8.development of field portable nbc protecting Resuscitator

9.such a situation is best handled by the administration of oxygen by a Resuscitator or by placing the victim in an oxygen tent.

10.the merits and demerits of exciting circuit of direct current motor drive suppled by semiwave rectifiers for ocr-lung Resuscitator have been analysed proceeding on the basis of its ripple and operation and a fullwave rectifier supply circuit is proposed to meet the requirement. of pneumatic gas-control cardiopulmonary Resuscitator for field first aid

12.oxygen tubing can be connected to the nebulizer, oxygen mask and Resuscitator to deliver supplemental oxygen.

13.development of wfs-1 automatic cardiopulmonary Resuscitator for closed chest cardiac compression

14.Resuscitator is designed to inflate lungs of newborn animals which have a heartbeat but are unable to breathe. this paper, structure design of filter canister, folding manual Resuscitator which are the main parts of the Resuscitator are discussed in detail.

16.the base support is a horizontal plate of which one outer edge is fixedly connected with the inner wall of the Resuscitator fixing pipe;