Respectively Sentence Examples | Use Respectively in a sentence

1.assume mylabel's x and y coordinates are40 and30, Respectively.

2.this week, for instance, gm and ford sold shares in suzuki and mazda Respectively.

3.statement for a class, the text editor inserts prototypes for the members that have to be implemented or overridden, Respectively. will be prompted for your username and password, which default to system and manager, Respectively.

5.the error and warning messages are shown in red and yellow, Respectively.

6.reliable taxis are usually easy to find; look for silver bird, bluebird or express (their cars are black, blue and white, Respectively).

7.the latter treats the string as multiple lines, where ^ and $ match the beginning and end of any line, Respectively. 2010 and 2009, revolving debt fell 4.4% and 1.7%, Respectively. much are they Respectively? you know how much a return flight from tianjin to dalian, guangzhou, chongqing or seoul might emit Respectively?

11.this article describes the representation and implementation of services using java interfaces and java class component implementations Respectively.

12.the sd and pcmcia scripts provide the hooks for the sd and cf slots, Respectively.

13.they finished first and second Respectively.

14.the average scores for snakes, spiders and birds were 16, 12 and 4, Respectively. has done 27 years, and the others 22, 21 and 20 years Respectively.

16.two main techniques have been used for training elephants, which we may call Respectively the tough and the gentle. and old value variables can be used with ttitle and btitle Respectively.

18.the static and dynamic state of the service and invocation are stored in description and context classes, Respectively.

19.the software and hardware of the system are designed Respectively and a closed-loop control scheme capable of feeding back is presented. husband and i got pay rises of8% and10% Respectively.

21.the use of the traditional flat, vertical design method, Respectively.

22.this study proved that scenarios tm and tim are the optimal environmental and economic methods, Respectively.

23.the norm design and design norm are described Respectively with a stress on the relationship between them and implementation method. will also rename the and elements to and Respectively.

25.the's'and'stat'columns ( for svr4 and bsd, Respectively) show the current status of the process.

26.the default user name and password are system and manager, Respectively. can see and children of the tag, which define the value and the variable, Respectively.

28.results the methods of palliation, radiofrequency and stenting were used Respectively on3 patients and the results were satisfactory. and white squares correspond to-1 and+ 1, Respectively.

30.the upper and lower longitudinal edges of the metal sheet are bent to produce a first 'l' bend and a second 'chair' bend, Respectively.

31.their sons, ben and jonathan, were three and six Respectively

32.then the measurement and analysis of the vibration is discussed Respectively.

33.the two protagonists of the current currency war, china and the us, are now trying to speed or slow the process Respectively.

34.five years ago those figures were 36% and 42%, Respectively.

35.predictive analytics and business rules commonly use the pmml and rif standards, Respectively.

36.idc and gartner show continued declines in second-quarter shipments ( 11.4% and 10.9%, Respectively).