Resend Sentence Examples | Use Resend in a sentence enable lower granularity for the retransmission timer for this connection and Resend the packet.

2.we can re-ship orders that are returned to us as undeliverable or unclaimed. however, customers will be charged Resend shipping fee per parcel.

3.if the sender_s server goes down the sender may lose its copy of the message and, therefore, will not be able to Resend it.

4.please revise and Resend to us asap, thanks!

5.message broker takes responsibility for the persistence, acknowledgement, and Resend requirements of the matip stack.

6.he then implements an error-correcting strategy, which is to Resend the message. mentioned earlier, the sending side must agree to continually Resend a message until it receives an ack for that message.

8.if you have already sent a message but it has not yet appeared on her profile, do not Resend your message. this case, one proposed remedy would be for the requester to Resend the request message, thus providing a backchannel on which to send the missing response.

10.either ask the recipient to Resend the reply after filling out all of the fields, or fill out and save the form yourself, and then trying exporting again. this case you will need to Resend the web service request and repeat the actions in rfhutil.

12.if the snapshot transfer is interrupted at any point, it automatically resumes and does not Resend any files that have already been completely transferred.

13.changes to the original are not both need to be out of paper or film, sulfuric acid will do not need to Resend.

14.if, after reading the request headers, the server requires authentication and sends a401 response, the client must Resend the data with proper authentication headers.

15.please Resend your request, according to the following instructions.

16.a good strategy that works in many cases is to abort a request and Resend it if you don't get a response in a reasonable time frame.

17.request the sender turn off password protection on the file and Resend the attachment.

18.yeah, i got that attachment you sent, but something's wrong with it. can you Resend it?

19.this form is Resend a failed message.

20.if there is something wrong, please let me know, and i will Resend it.

21.nor should it Resend an unacknowledged message if it wouldn't have done so at that time, had the target of those messages been an addressable endpoint.

22.please be so kind to fill up the attached form with your bank details in order to Resend the payment.

23.if the recipient modified the form, ask them to Resend the form to you, and then manually export the reply.

24.replay causes the coordinator to Resend the last protocol message to database-1, which lets database-1 deduce the transaction state& and then apply the appropriate recovery rule.

25.we will Resend the missing disk in 10-30 days.

26.if you do not receive a response from the server after a certain amount of time, then Resend the message. said in the last letter that the bank will Resend after knowing that there's no such deductions.

28.the runtime support uses this retry to automatically Resend the request to a service that responds with a failure.

29.people who are eager to share but are totally ignorant of such concepts as check and verify will Resend a piece they feel important, which could instantly reach millions, usually depending on how catchy the title is. Resend data a prescribed number of times or until the data are received correctly. this scenario, it doesn't make sense to continue to Resend the request message past the delivery of the first response.

32.the administrator can use the controller to tell network devices where to redirect or Resend the packets if one network device begins to experience heavy traffic.

33.second, and attacker can capture valid packets and Resend them later, and attack known as packet replay.

34.the employee can now choose to Resend the vacation request, which brings process execution again in the user task for the manager.

35.if your message goes unanswered, you can always Resend it a couple weeks later.