Resell Sentence Examples | Use Resell in a sentence officials are trying to make sure that the lottery winners can't Resell the tickets.

2.the government would aim to Resell them later, maybe even at a profit.

3.she had screamed and jeered, insisting he Resell his ticket and get the money back. makes sense to buy at dealer prices so you can maximize your profits if you Resell. can read it, you can give it away, you can lend it, you can Resell it, you can burn it, you can use it as a frisbee& whatever you want.

6.we will not sell our interest, so it has no connection with the private equity people that essentially buy and then Resell businesses.

7.remote female sand shows 6 drugs head, should set gem go up in the shoe, Resell gives celebrity and wealthy person .

8.then, they remove and Resell the goods for huge profits. speculation and transfer of certificates for ephedrine purchase and use shall be prohibited.

9.swindlers often take advantage of these factors and Resell the goods to make profits.

10.what's it to you? you can't Resell them. may not Resell, assign, or transfer any of your rights hereunder.

12.while wholesaling is selling products primarily to buyers who will Resell them, mainly retailers and other wholesalers, and to buyers who will use them in their operations, such as industrial, commercial, and institutional users.

13.we currently Resell servers from a large dedicated server provider, however they do not provide bandwidth graphs.

14.masa: i'm sure they're going to sell out, and plus, i'm going to buy an extra one so i can Resell it.

15.i understand is such: that day did not sell go out, so these stocks still are in your account, you are ok tomorrow Resell, trade according to the next the value business of day. buy items and Resell them for a profit at a flea market.

17.the dealer can then work out the transaction with the leasing company and Resell the car for a profit.

18.cybersquatters buy up domain names relating to famous people, successful companies or services, purely in order to Resell them to those people or companies at a profit.

19.think about how it will be , if you will decide to Resell , in case you discover that this hobby is just not for you .

20.the bank will probably break up the block of shares and Resell them.

21.the sale of goods acts give the seller a right to Resell the goods in certain circumstances. it allowed to Resell my version? should help that investors have growing opportunities to Resell via specialist auctions. cannot Resell it, lend it to a friend or burn it to stay warm.

25.even those investors who are buying bottom-feeder foreclosures and fixing them up might not be able to Resell them so quickly.

26.that is why canada is beginning to crack down on online pharmacies that Resell to the american market. fact, many people do buy waterfront and lakefront real property simply so they will be able to turn around and Resell the properties for a nice profit.

28.lightpipes are produced in quantity and usually Resell between a few cents and a few dollars.

29."if you had an interesting location data set, you could feed into our system and Resell it, " says stump.

30.in2000, motorola partnered with huawei, enabling motorola to Resell certain huawei products under the motorola name.

31.with your personal membership card, you can enjoy services and Resell the tickets (expired membership cards will not be acceptable).

32.hp will Resell net's uc gateway as a way to support microsoft uc.

33.but they would need to have the stones certified to be able to Resell them, or for insurance purposes.

34.if consumers could legally Resell their electronic media, it could wipe out the profits of many media firms.

35.but if you have good business acumen, you can consider selling your ice cream stock to them, which they can Resell to their current customer base.

36.license is transferable only when move to the new server within subscription period, but cannot Resell. lei recalls the two spent every waking moment trying to Resell their virtual trove.

38.the banks Resell the loans, creating trillions of dollars in mortgage-backed securities. distributor, i mean that your company may buy the products on your own account , and Resell them with a reasonable markup .