Resecting Sentence Examples | Use Resecting in a sentence

1.clinical study of submental flaps repairing after Resecting head and neck neoplasms

2.after Resecting the petrosal bone which block the visual of the most part of the pefrosal posterior wall, the exposed area was obviously enlarged, and the temporal base retracting angle reduced.

3.said invention mainly is used for Resecting body of gland due to hyperplasia of prostate, tumor of bladder and submucosal myoma of uterus, etc.

4.conclusion: study on the microsurgical anatomy of the far lateral suboccipital approach was helpful in Resecting tumors situated at lower clivus and foramen magnum.

5.since surgeons started Resecting esophagus, they have been facing the problem of digestive tract reconstruction.

6.importance of colonic polypoid was discussed for early discovering and early Resecting by the dc-be and colonoscopy, and the cause of it was missed.

7.even endoscopic means for Resecting scar tissue or internal urethrotomy could not keep the satisfactory results of urethral patency.

8.clinical study of submental island flaps repairing after Resecting oral maxillofacial region neoplasms

9.methods submental flaps have been used to repair defect after Resecting head and neck neoplasms, such as tongue neoplasms, buccal mucosa neoplasms, palate neoplasms, lip neoplasms and hypopharynx neoplasms.

10.objective to sum up operative experience and prevention of complications while Resecting the hepatic hilar tumor.

11.saddle prostheses in the treatment of Resecting pelvis sarcoma around the acetabulum to salvage limbs of 12 cases

12.objective: to study the influence of Resecting submandibular gland on liver regeneration in rats.

13.conclusion: extended maxillectomy is suitable for Resecting primary carcinoma of maxillary sinus invading pterygomaxillary fossa, infratemporal fossa and/ or parapharyngeal space tumor.

14.conclusion: the approach from palatum durum chilogum seems to have a salutary effect on Resecting the maxillary tuberosity and part of retrolateral wall of the genyantrum.

15.objective to explore a newtechnique of lower blepharoplasty without Resecting orbital septum fat.

16.after Resecting the popliteal tumor, the severe leg pain and intermittent claudication improved.

17.Resecting pituitary adenoma by microsurgery through endonasal transsphenoidal approach

18.objective to study the importance of one-stage Resecting of acute obstruction of the27 cases left colon cancer.

19.values of Resecting the lymph nodes adjacent to the recurrent laryngeal nerve in the operation on cno thyroid papillary carcinoma

20.preoperative prediction of hepatic blood flow and hepatic functional cell Resecting ratio in patients with primary liver cancer

21.method: Resecting malignant tumors of 42 cases with palpebrae by way of histotherapy and watching curative effects after operation.

22.objective to evaluate the feasibility of Resecting invasive pituitary adenoma via extended endoscopic endonasal approach.

23.clinical study of lateral arm free flap for repairing after Resecting the head and neck carcinoma

24.objective: to explore the feasibility and reliability of eyelid rebuild operation after Resecting the eyelid's malignant tumor.

25.objective to study the different reconstruction m et hods for the mandibular defect after Resecting mandibular tumor.

26.objective: to explore the clinical implication of Resecting buccal fat pad in cosmetic surgery.

27.objective to study the repair methods of the defect after Resecting pharyngeal neoplasm and laryngeal neoplasm.

28.conclusion it is very important of learning the pathological anatomic relationships among acoustic nerve, facial nerve and the tumor in internal acoustic canal and mastering microsurgical technique of totally Resecting tumor and preserving the facial nerve.

29.clinical study of primary repairing after Resecting the soft palate carcinoma

30.a surgical study on Resecting the parasellar tumor of middle cranial fossa via frontotemporal preauricular combination and cutting zygomatic arch

31.i know you see me Resecting this bowel. do i strike you as someone who enjoys multitasking?

32.objective to investigate the technique of surgical excision and perioperative management of large hepatocellular carcinoma and increase the safety of Resecting large hepatocellular carcinoma.

33.the comparative study of different anastomosis methods in Resecting esophageal carcinoma

34.objective to assess the feasibility and reliability of Resecting and treating malignant tumor in the palpebra by way of histological control.

35.objective to summarize the experience in Resecting large pituitary adenoma by microsurgery through pterional approach.