Resected Sentence Examples | Use Resected in a sentence

1.reconstruction and repair of Resected cavernous nerves analysis of postoperative radiotherapy for patients with completely Resected stage ⅲ a ( n_2) non-small cell lung cancer

3.others believe that the tumor should be Resected to cure the hydrocephalus and prevent possible degeneration into a higher grade tumor.

4.methods the hypertrophic mammary tissues were Resected through a small opening around areola and the tumescent technique was used. conclusion, gemcitabine did not result in improved overall survival compared with fluorouracil plus folinic acid in patients with Resected pancreatic cancer.

6.conclusion through a posterior sigmoid sinus approach, jugular foramen tumors with collars batton shaped may Resected in safe and. . .

7.the prognostic significance of epithelial and mesenchymal proteins in Resected stage ⅲ a non-small-cell lung carcinoma progresses slowly with a local extension, and is difficult to be Resected thoroughly.

9.survey on the application of adjuvant therapy in completely Resected non-small cell lung cancer patients

10.the diagnostic imaging features, gross and microscopic appearance of the Resected specimen are correlated.

11.results suggest that surgical operations of equal severity can have different effects, that seem substantially influenced by the type and location of the removed or Resected organ.

12.establishment of a clinical predictive model for Resected pure bronchioloalveolar cell carcinoma and its prognostic analysis

13.the number of lymph nodes Resected is a significant prognostic factor for patients with colorectal cancer, especially for those node-negative patients.

14.the histological nature of the leading tumor can not be determined until examination of the Resected specimen.

15.methods: the celiac artery was ligated at its start point, and distal pancreas and involved arteries were Resected en bloc.

16.pathology examination showed inflammation compatible with a mycotic aneurysm, although cultures of the Resected aneurysm had no growth.

17.the pathological liver tissue were Resected by using portal triad clamping in the two groups.

18.the Resected specimens were checked carefully to mark their surgical margin.

19.investigation on fourier transform infrared spectrum of freshly Resected cholangiocarcinoma tissue can destroy those tumors that are unable to be Resected by operation.

21.comparison of efficacy and safety in two adjuvant chemotherapy regimens in patients with radically Resected gastric cancer

22.prognostic value of histologic subtyping in completely Resected stage ⅰ lung adenocarcinoma

23.the reduced monosegmental graft, in which the caudal part of the monosegmental graft is Resected, has been introduced to address this problem.

24.a endoscope was used to open the anterior wall of the sphenoid sinus and Resected tumors.

25.methods the proliferated tissues of prostate were Resected one by one by pushing gland tissue with a plasma endoscopic device. on morphological features of proximal tibial Resected surface in total knee arthroplasty of chinese adults; a operation that removes a circular section of bone from the skull.

27.conclusion: cure can be achieved overall in16% of patients with initially unresectable clm Resected after downsizing chemotherapy.

28.conclusion the malignant bone tumors around the shoulder girdle can be Resected completely.

29.results the tumors were Resected totally in 80 patients via endoscope-assisted direct transsphenoidal approach without meningitis and csf leakage.

30.this portion of aorta was Resected from a patient with a coarctation.

31.objective: to study clinicopathologic characteristics and prognosis of surgically Resected adenosquamous carcinoma of the lung.

32.then the uper end of this 'to-be Resected colon segment was cut and was removed together with the plastic bag.

33.expression of bdnf and its receptor trkb in brain tissue Resected from patients with intractable mesial temporal lobe epilepsy

34.histopathological examination for the Resected specimen revealed cytomegalovirus infection with vasculitis and ischemic colitis.

35.the anterior, medium and minimum scalene muscles were transected and fibrous band were Resected.