Reseat Sentence Examples | Use Reseat in a sentence

1.the completed field tests show that the new type flexible disc also can open quickly, discharge stably, and Reseat timely and effective under medium pressure comparing with the rigid disc.

2.if the historic tapered pins rise up in their holes and become loose, Reseat them with a tap from your tuning hammer.

3.several airlines say that if there's a seat available, they will Reseat passengers upon request.

4.let us Reseat ourselves and hear the last part of the music.

5.the safety valve does not Reseat or Reseats too fast.

6.cpu # vcore regulator failure. Reseat cpu.

7.if cabling is correct, power off the device and Reseat the interface card.

8.we all want to make a Reseat.

9.if i see that, i will just go up and Reseat you.

10.piston sensed - highly reliable compact design close pressure differential between crack and Reseat adjustable pressure stop standard

11.the functions of portable data recorder for adjusting test of safety valves are introduced, the testing data are collected, treated and typed in time, and then the sampling differentiation conditions of safety valve set and Reseat pressures are discussed, the optimum programm is determined.

12.a cpu # vtt regulator failure. Reseat cpu.

13.this paper presents a useful method to establish the geometric model bus body according to the requirement of highway bus. this method is successfully used in the design and Reseat of a new type bus. resolve the issue, try to Reseat the power adapter.