Republished Sentence Examples | Use Republished in a sentence

1.the book publisher shall notify, and pay remuneration to, the copyright owner when the work is to be reprinted or Republished. take on managing responsibility for Republished assignments , click become the manager for these assignments .

3.anything you share can be forwarded, circulated and Republished via other people's networks.

4.for aesthetic, psychological, educational, and political reasons, the whole story should be Republished.

5.a company might use their standard licensing agreement which means that others can't build on Republished datasets.

6.articles can exist in only one publication; articles cannot be Republished . chen's comments during a speech in the chinese capital have been Republished on the internet by the state council, china's cabinet. is common practice on the chinese mainland, the report was widely copied and Republished online without attribution.

9.wei cheng, serialized in the magazine renaissance in 1946, was Republished by people's literature press in 1980. wei cheng first aroused great influence in overseas; the middle of the 19th century, it had been Republished for over three hundred times.

11.this workbook contains items that are automatically Republished to web pages each time the workbook is saved. interpretation of the analects was published by wuhan press in 2001, which is a work that has been Republished and interpreted the analects according to its ideological content.

13.the Republished integrated management manual will substitutereplace all the previous versions and amendmentsmodifications.

14.from f-028 to f-030 the text of the rationality and the inevitability and feasibility of artificial soil technology to be Republished.

15.the parameter name or data type was changed in the report definition, and the report was Republished.

16.source material: primary source for all four librettos is schott's 1899 vocal scores (Republished in the united states by schirmer in 1904).

17.modifications to the . properties file require the web application to be rebuilt and Republished to the server.

18.the irish daily star and the italian magazine chi have already Republished the photos – the latter in a 26-page section on monday. for ambrose bierce, "the devil's dictionary" was Republished a couple of years ago, and continues to sell respectably.

20.if the server is not started, the creation of the managed connection factory will be postponed until the next time that the server is started and its configuration information is Republished.

21.if the report definition is Republished as the same report, and parameter names and data types remain the same, your property settings are retained.

22.the explicit action of republishing the changes to the server saves the unnecessary time spent on updating the server when the application is not ready to be Republished.

23.a government report, Republished on tuesday, warned that the country's 150m migrant workers must be treated better in their new homes.

24.they were Republished in papers in france, norway, germany, switzerland and hungary this week, causing tension that quickly spread around the mu-slim world.