Releasable Sentence Examples | Use Releasable in a sentence

1.this type of centralized build system is widely adopted by agile software teams to make sure that the source code in the repository is always tested and in a Releasable state.

2.the trunk must always be Releasable.

3.the Releasable wireline cable head was designed by combining the similar products'characteristics and existing materials.

4.research on sustained Releasable chitosan scaffolds with plga microspheres embedded

5.theoretically this should be fine since the trunk is the done branch and the definition of done is "Releasable" .

6.application of Releasable suture in combined phacoemulsification and trabeculectomy

7.quantitative analysis of synaptic vesicle release and readily Releasable pool size in hippocampal neurons pertaining to one of the small sacs ( as in a compound gland). do we ensure that there always is a clean, Releasable version at the end of each iteration?

9.remember that we had a nice clean Releasable trunk as a basis, and now we are just adding one story!

10.the display optionally includes a electronic interface that may be covered by a selectively Releasable cover to protect the interface.

11.if we synchronize to trunk at this point, we will be including the partially complete deposit story, which isn't Releasable!

12.since the branch is no longer Releasable, i've violated the branch policy.

13.theoretically this should be fine since the trunk is the done branch and the definition of done is "Releasable".

14.this practice is more important for agile projects than more high-ceremony projects, because they produce an executable, testable, and Releasable application at the end of every iteration.

15.i can open the seams. the effect of using Releasable sutures in preventing shallow anterior chamber after trabeculectomy

16.the map helps the team to understand how stories fit together to form a Releasable product.

17.the other end of the cable includes another plug for Releasable insertion into a complementary jack of the display unit.

18.jim also suggested that the focus of development should be on the Releasable product rather than the implemented scope.

19.conclusion trabeculectomy with Releasable sutures is useful to reduce the rate of shallow anterior chamber after operative.

20.value – to the customer in terms of current Releasable product.

21.we tested this by selectively labeling the "readily Releasable" pool, those vesicles released first during physiological stimulation.

22.ok, so let's say we have our nice and clean trunk, Releasable at any moment.

23.Releasable means integration tested.

24.thus, according to jim, agile teams should focus on the Releasable product rather than getting constrained by the iron triangle.

25.more specifically, at some point the work branch will get to a point where it is Releasable.

26.with my definition of done(" Releasable") that means there must be some branch in the system that you could release from in order to get that story into production.

27.most agile methods share other iterative and incremental development methods'emphasis on building Releasable software in short time periods.

28.but remember-if the definition is anything less than "Releasable" you need to consider: what is not included in done?

29.they are done, i.e.unit tested, integration tested, and Releasable.

30.the readily Releasable vesicles were not clustered close to the presynaptic membrane but instead were dispersed almost randomly throughout the vesicle cluster.

31.the application of Releasable suture technique in trabeculectomy for primary angle-closure glaucoma

32.trabeculectomy with Releasable sutures decrease occurrence of postoperative flat anterior chamber and choroidal detachment; to sew with a loose overcast or overhand stitch.

33.the global failure criterion of rock mass element is proposed based on the analysis of Releasable strain energy and is well accordance with the result of biaxial compressive test on marble.