Relate Sentence Examples | Use Relate in a sentence

1.he is unable to Relate to other people

2.the development of green laser and theories that Relate to this subject were introduced.

3.i hope i can Relate them with at least a hint of the nectar that i felt as he told me such sublime pastimes.

4.i found a very mixed group of individuals some of whom i could Relate to and others with whom i had very little in common the end, we have a sense of names, dates, and events but no sense of how they Relate.

6.the first part of the idea does not Relate to the other.

7.i think that's why so many people Relate to her. does not matter whether the problem you have Relates to food, drink, smoking or just living

9.that's why you can't Relate to him.

10.i think it is important for children to have brothers and sisters they can Relate to

11.present at least three and Relate them to the company and job you are interviewing for.

12.afternoon groups Relate to the specific addictions and problems therein.

13.being comfortable with all of your different dimensions allows other people to be able to Relate to you.

14."virtually the entirety of the raises Relate to the vip segment, which is showing better-than-expected resilience, " he said.

15.for one, they did not seem to Relate to her day-to-day work.

16.many entries Relate to the two world wars.

17.we must Relate these principles to our everyday work. should not Relate to my ethnicity.

19.they learn to Relate to and enjoy being with people of all ages.

20.cornell university offers a course that investigates how language Relates to particular cultural codes

21.more studies will be required before we know what the functions of these genes are and whether they Relate to each other

22.this article covered the terms that Relate to the it architecture and design of soa solutions.

23.she Related her tale of living rough.

24.nasb: since they Relate only to food and drink and various washings, regulations for the body imposed until a time of reformation.

25.other recommendations Relate to the details of how such data is stored loved to read. reading newspaper was his favourite pastime. he would Relate the news to his neighbours.

27.all of these errors Relate to incomplete specification of the receive and reply activities.

28.he has no ability to Relate to people on any kind of normal level. . . he's a bit of an innocent. vulnerable.

29.there were officials to whom he could Relate the whole story

30.execute activities Relate to administering, maintaining, and operating.

31.the methods and compositions provided herein Relate generally to il-10 specific antibodies and uses thereof.

32.these people, usually men, seem unable to Relate to the opposite sex

33.the previous hook defines the new data structure, but does not describe how it and a node Relate.

34.all these questions Relate to philosophy. is difficult to Relate these results with any known cause.

36.about a year ago i found myself trying to figure out how video games Relate to traditional, non-interactive forms of artistic expression.

37."we are just beginning to understand biological networks and how they Relate to disease, " dr inouye said. not deceive yourself into believing that you can Relate in peace to god or to your brothers with anything external.