Regression Sentence Examples | Use Regression in a sentence

1.comparing variable selection methods for microarray classification models based on logistic Regression. is shown that the results of linear Regression analysis are highly consistent with that of input-output method.

3.on power system load forecasting conducted a study and put forward an improved algorithm for fuzzy Regression analysis.

4.these forecast results were compared with those of Regression models.

5.for linear support vector ordinal Regression machines, some theoretical aspects are studied in this paper.

6.the data deletion model and the mean drift model are equivalent in a general linear Regression model.

7.the relationship of clinical variables to the cirrhosis-related prognosis was investigated using univariate and multivariate Regression models.

8.that is, the Regression line would tend to overestimate the magnitudes of y.

9.selection of weighting and use of a complex Regression equation should be justified. this paper, the smallest risk estimators of Regression coefficient in the linear model are investigated.

11.this is all the same as we saw in the Regression model.

12.we establish the combined Regression-time-series model for chinese inflation and compare its forecast results to that of Regression model.

13.after test artifacts have been documented in the Regression library during the knowledge management phase, they are ready to be automated.

14.Regression testing reveals any differences that may have been introduced into the application since the last build.

15.this also will provide for Regression testing.

16.analyses were adjusted for confounding variables using logistic Regression.

17.associations between these variables and perinatal mental disorders were explored through univariate analyses and multivariable logistic Regression.

18.this paper gives weighted least squares estimate and the method to choose optimum weighted function for linear Regression model.

19.if a new Regression bug is found, it is often easy to detect which change is likely to have caused it.

20.the method and application of excel in the data processing of linear Regression equation

21.least squares Regression with nine model selection techniques, including stepwise Regression.

22.these years also witness something of a Regression, after leaving behind the simple certitudes of university.

23.some are based on Regression analysis of significant data bases.

24.the least square approach is applied to get Regression curves and a design plan is proposed on the basis of the Regression curves.

25.with Regression analysis, a mathematics model of both simple linear and multiple linear Regressions were established.

26.predictors were explored through univariable analyses and multivariable linear and logistic Regression.'s actually quite easy to put our data through the Regression model using the weka api, far easier than actually loading the data.

28.Regression testing is used to determine the correctness and quality of the product. this lecture we introduce the multiple Regression.

30.the use of Regression to make quantitative predictions of one variable from the values of another.

31.the three variables in extroversion, caution and opening go into Regression equation.

32.the team used logistic Regression analysis to test the influence of the season ( spring) in the results.

33.this execution also offers automated software unit and Regression testing for improved quality of code.

34.correlation analysis and hierarchical Regression analysis to conduct the study.

35.with the building of the whole Regression economic model of the boat market and shipping market, we got the relationship between factors.

36.a robust estimation method of the components of quasi-additive model using local linear Regression and marginal integration is studied. was an important evolution and marked the end of transgression and Regression cycle of the cambrian and ordovician in tarim area.

38.the model used multiple stepwise Regression method and back propagation method independently.

39.we identified predictors for completion through multivariate logistic Regression.

40.backward logistic Regression analysis identified independent correlates and significant interactions.