Regicide Sentence Examples | Use Regicide in a sentence was, above all, the influence of the classics, aristotle and cicero in particular, that hobbes regards as an important cause for the recent civil war and the Regicide of charles i.

2.aristotle's doctrine that man is a political animal, hobbes believed, could only result and did result, in fact, in Regicide, the murder of kings. not speaking of Regicide . im speaking of the idea.

4.shakespeare's famous sleepwalking scene: lady macbeth, driven by guilt over her part in Regicide, wanders through her castle.

5.that would mean the king had failed to perform his function and off went his head (Regicide).

6.someone who commits Regicide; the killer of a king.

7.will there be new winning conditions in tad, like Regicide?

8.revolution and Regicide a grand fact?

9.some of the Regicides were sentenced to death.

10.he had become czar through Regicide.

11.the founding family of samsung is royalty in south korea, and the country's supreme court, it turns out, is not inclined to Regicide. gillard became australia's first woman prime minister in june, after a brisk act of party Regicide that did for kevin rudd.