Reflex Sentence Examples | Use Reflex in a sentence

1.sorry i hit you; it was a pure Reflex.

2.the tympanometry and acoustic Reflex have an important value to the nerve deafness and conduction deafness of children;

3.when gas is expels through the mouth in a sudden Reflex movement.

4.objective to study the prevention and nursing of blood vessel vagus Reflex caused by interposed treatment of heart disease.

5.conclusions small dose dopamine can reduce the incidence of gallbladder-heart Reflex in cholecystectomy under epidural anesthesia in elderly patients.

6.i had the conviction larkin's nerve would crack and he'd squeeze the trigger in a Reflex action

7.owing to the interactive tesa Reflex application software, he will be able to take complex part measurements after just a few hours of use.

8.and indeed, after some time the victim is forced in some sort of feign death Reflex concerning his original personality.

9.the speed of the Reflex seems to favor the first theory, as it happens much too quickly for tears to be generated and drain into the nose.

10.sneezing is a Reflex, which means that it's an uncontrollable physical response to an outside stimulus.

11.objective to explore the effects of lead exposure on learning memory and nervous Reflex of offspring mouse.

12.a Reflex that closes and opens the eyes rapidly. takes great skill, cool nerves and the Reflexes of an athlete.

14.but a grasping Reflex is already in place.

15.a law should be a Reflex of the will of the people.

16.when your car begins to skid, the natural Reflex is to look at the wall in an attempt to avoid it.

17.Reflex epilepsy induced by music.

18.on her days off, she wandered the streets of new york and chicago, most often with a rolleiflex twin-lens Reflex camera.

19.the structure and principle of pinch Reflex ion beam diode were introduced.

20.bulbar paralysis is mainly manifested as difficulty in swallowing, horse voice and gastric Reflex.

21.the relation between the latency of h Reflex and sex was investigated, too.

22.i turned to look inside the house in a Reflex action.

23.Reflex changes in the eyes that enable an object to be focused on the retina.

24.come into collision ( with*) a Reflex response to sudden pain.

25.the heat sink of lamp is made of stretched aluminum, with its Reflex housing made of stretched high-purity anodized aluminum plate.

26.this is a powerful bass Reflex subwoofer that gives you the lowest frequencies and the punch you need.

27.the old Reflex would be to say that the deal should be dismissed out of hand.

28.objective: the electroneurography and blink Reflex in patients with facial paralysis ( bell palsy) have been evaluated.

29.with a Reflex action he felt for the ailerons with his feet , and his hands steadied an imaginary joy-sticker .

30.muscle structure and Reflex arcs.

31.objective to review the diagnosis and treatment of the children's Reflex anuria.

32.a spasmodic Reflex of the throat made as if in swallowing.

33.the naso-ocular Reflex may get better with a variety of prescription nasal sprays and a good pair of sunglasses.

34.walsh fumbled in his pocket, a Reflex from his smoking days

35.a Reflex response to the passage of electric current through the body.

36.tests for blindness include a test for the eye preservation Reflex and an obstacle test.

37.Reflex regulation of respiration.

38.the qualifications of this rule take into account Reflex action and inertia as in swallowing or jumping.

39.Reflex shaking caused by cold or fear or excitement.

40.reluctance to cosy up to communists of any stripe is still a Reflex in most of the region.