Reflection Sentence Examples | Use Reflection in a sentence

1.this is a point of Reflection for most people.

2.sustainable development is the Reflection and develop-discard of the traditional view of development.

3.the eyes of a hunting cat flashed green in Reflection of the lights.

4.the 20-year-old hazelnut clarity, calm on the ship, except for a few small fish, and Reflection of the mountains around the meditation.

5.infection with head lice is no Reflection on personal hygiene

6.indeed, it doesn't take much Reflection to see that the pope is right: god created humans and other animals out of flesh, blood and bone.

7.any given culture is a Reflection of the politics and economics of a given society.

8.the library is unique and its break-up would be a sad Reflection on the value we place on our heritage.

9.thrive on the sustained health of the community and its members through continual Reflection and improvement.

10.analysts say it is a Reflection of how the british political campaigns increasingly look like the american political process.

11.the shimmering lake and the pagoda's Reflection present a lovely scene. much is a pair of anti-Reflection lenses?

13.i am serious, but it seems almost like a Reflection upon this jury to talk as if i doubted your verdict.

14.your contacts are a Reflection of you as a professional.

15.i couldn't bear to see my Reflection in the mirror

16.this has been a day of Reflection and celebration.

17.the first was extensive use of Reflection in many of the frameworks.

18.using Reflection like this represents a trade-off: complexity versus conciseness.

19.after days of Reflection she decided to write back

20.on a surface . the luminous flux received by the surface from a lighting installation after Reflection from other surfaces.

21.this book is a Reflection of the progress in chinese society. his latest collection of poems readers are confronted with a series of Reflections on death.

23.he paused, absorbed by his Reflections.

24.i represent thought and Reflection, twilight and deep water.

25.the loss of light by absorption and Reflection within the telescope is not taken into account here.

26.meg stared at her Reflection in the bedroom mirror.

27.the Reflection of sunlight on the lake dazzled my eyes.

28.inhibition in adulthood seems to be very clearly a Reflection of a person's experiences as a child.

29.this is a Reflection upon your honour.

30.the water is so clear that you can see your Reflection in it.

31.what i do is the result of Reflection and the study of the great masters.

32.this is the amount of Reflection that you will have.

33.he didn't speak much, but what he said affords much food for Reflection.

34.for example, Reflection is often used in frameworks that persist objects to databases, xml, or other external formats.

35.the qin dynasty says and too takes out a cellular phone, towards the above lens Reflection and made to make some hairs that was disorderly. can see the Reflection of the tower in the water.

37.unaccustomed wonder filled his mind at the Reflection of the different lots of the brethren of mankind. their ethical Reflection, justice has always been dominant in center position, which had been fully confirmed by plato's ethical thought. gain self-awareness through Reflection. reached down to touch its own Reflection, so perfectly delineated that there might have been, not one starfish, but two.