Reflecting Sentence Examples | Use Reflecting in a sentence

1.scully looks as if she's going to cry. music is sad, perfectly Reflecting a mood of this scene. work is Reflecting the state people live in their familiar surrounding and the world of consume. is often the case, the revisions resulted in a sharp increase in the saving rate, Reflecting higher income estimates.

4.exceptionally it may even occur with a single aspect of reality, as in the case of a solitary individual Reflecting on his own identity. archives records the droplet of common people's life, Reflecting strong social function.

6.using reflection techniques on static members of a type differs slightly from Reflecting on instance members of an object.

7.however, studies of prp have yielded varying results, likely Reflecting differing platelet concentrations.

8.just as i was Reflecting on the crass idiocy of this approach, the last call to prayers began to ring out at 10. 30pm.

9.Reflecting on this sutra passage, we may infer that the bodhisattvas of that land do not advance from stage to stage.

10.Reflecting the unease in europe, the head of germany's industry association, said he feared chinese help could "come at a political cost" .

11.this is quite a remarkable change Reflecting the seriousness of the crisis.

12.this model introduces a concept of unsaturated sediment transport, Reflecting the variation of rill erosion along the distance.

13.lie yang west ramp, the sky dimming, Reflecting the white light of the earth are slowly faded out of the original lingling angle corner.

14.maintaining with chinese traditional style, and at the same time Reflecting the modern aesthetic concept.'s a perfect example of a house Reflecting the person who lives there

16.newton also developed the Reflecting telescope.

17.the definition of the private equity fund in china is much more confused Reflecting a chinese element.

18.our popular faceted rings utilize tungsten's unique shine by Reflecting natural light from multiple angles.

19.after Reflecting for a time he decided not to go.

20.she could see herself in the Reflecting lenses, which had grotesquely foreshortened her.

21.cheniers have a parallel, gently arcuate alignment Reflecting the migratory history of the shoreline.

22.and the dominant culture, Reflecting the politics and economy, was feudal culture.

23.i had, all the same, been Reflecting on a deterioration in modern manners.

24.we can enhance macd by plotting it as a histogram, Reflecting the distance between those lines.

25.he used his left hand as a shield against the Reflecting sunlight.

26.Reflecting on my past life and it doesn't have much time.

27.prices of petrol and food products had also risen, Reflecting the global trend, although increases had varied.

28.i have been Reflecting on how to get there.

29.these symbols have a rich cultural meaning, Reflecting visually value orientation and culture intension of olympics ideal.

30.i am not Reflecting on history and society, he says.

31.her dreams were troubled, Reflecting the tenor of her waking hours. is, however, possible to use some suitable object in space-perhaps the moon or a large, balloon-like satellite-for the purpose of Reflecting signals.

33.Reflecting the often circular nature of the markets, swoons in stocks around the globe only reinforced the move into yen.

34.i spent a little time researching habits and Reflecting on my own experience.

35.ethics of development is just a new ethics regarding Reflecting, restricting and giving a norm in developmental practice.

36.and again, i've been Reflecting on this idea, you know, there may well be a culture- specific fourth circle.

37.there are many different definitions& and the definitions have changed Reflecting maturity of the industry and soa practices.

38.with the white walls Reflecting the light, the room looks bright and spacious.

39.the violet and purple sunset rays were growing dimmer, the light of the sun having already more than half sunk in the Reflecting water.

40.the united states hosted the24th asean-united states dialogue in july, Reflecting the long history of asean-u.s.partnership.